Doug E. Fresh Discusses Hip-Hop's "Final Element" — Beatboxing

Doug E. Fresh Discusses Hip-Hop's "Final Element" — Beatboxing

Published Mon, January 2, 2023 at 11:12 AM EST

Doug E. Fresh is set to perform at the 5th annual Urban One Honors on Jan. 16, which will honor legendary “Icons of the Culture.” including LL COOL J, who will receive the Entertainment Icon Award. Ahead of the event's airing, the Hip-Hop pioneer talked with rolling out about Hip-Hop's evolution over the years and the core elements of the art form.

"It’s beautiful to be a part of a show honoring people who I think need to be honored and it’s just beautiful to see what this thing has evolved to over the fifty years," he said of performing at the event.

He said it's exciting to see how HIp-Hop has impacted so many people. "To see all of these elements of Hip-Hop make such a difference in everybody’s lives," he said. "I mean Hip-Hop is a multimillion-dollar business and you have to understand I come from a time when they used to tell us to cut it off. So it went from telling us to cut it off to now, “can you turn it up?” or “how can I make something off of it?” So, I think it’s beautiful to see this thing evolve. You know, you got the DJs, you got the MC, which some people call a rapper, but the MC is a master of ceremony. You have the break dances, then you have the graffiti artists, and then you have the final element that I created, which is called the beatbox."

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