DJ Premier Breaks Down the Gang Starr Classic "DWYCK" With Nice & Smooth

DJ Premier Breaks Down the Gang Starr Classic "DWYCK" With Nice & Smooth

Published Mon, March 13, 2023 at 4:06 PM EDT

On the latest episode of DJ Premier's So What's Up, the legendary producer walks through the process of how "DWYCK" featuring Nice & Smooth by Gang Starr was created.

He mentioned how Gang Starr did a song for Nice & Smooth called "Down the Line." "We were like, we did a posse cut for you, you gotta do a posse cut for us," Preemo explained. "Just an even trade. We didn't know everything was gonna turn out to be what it is today. We were just doing a swap as friends."

He said the song ended up being a two-day session. "DJs that scratch and cut and battle, we hear things in our heads when it comes to lines," Premier explains. Premier also said west coast veteran W.C. (who he pointed out is the late Crazy Tunes' brother), as well as Don Barron, were there as the track was being recorded.

He even broke down exactly where the name "DWYCK" came from — it's not an acronym. It actually came from a long-standing joke that was popular at the time. Premier also explains his love for sequencing albums — he sequenced the Nas classic Illmatic as well as Gang Starr's projects — and talked about the organic making of the video.

Check out the entertaining video below.

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