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The Hotness: Diamond from Crime Mob

The Hotness: 10 Pics That Prove Diamond Is Forever

I don't know if it's my energy that gives freshness, newness—I don't know what it is. But there are times I do battle with that..."

- Diamond on Hip-Hop Ageism (2021 Breakfast Club interview)

Atlanta rap star Diamond is only in her early 30s, but the former Crime Mob queen has almost two decades in music. She was only 15 when the group exploded onto the charts at the height of the crunk era with anthems like "Stilettos" and "Knuck If You Buck." She's navigated breakups of both the professional and the personal kind; changing times, and motherhood.

The woman born Brittany Carpentero has forged a solo career, reunited with her Crime Mob partner-in-rhyme Princess, and become an advocate for issues such as domestic abuse awareness. And you can tell she knows how to make Instagram stop and stare. You can tell when Diamond has something beautiful planned. She ain't a newbie, but she's a youthful vet with some experience under her belt. And she still knows how to turn up. In every way.

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Sisterly Bonds

"It's crazy talking about chemistry," she said of her time with Princess. "Because she could literally do a one-two step, I don't even have to look at her I can feel it and finish the three-four and vice versa. Like she said, with the energy of the crowd, it pulls something out of us. As soon as we grace the stage, all that confidence and freedom comes back. That same energy is like we were having a school fight, but everybody is on one wave — all in sync, all at once. Nothing like it."

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"What has changed is that now you can be a mother with a baby and still have a life and a career after. As a mom, your priorities change."

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"A Softer Side to Rap..."

"Three 6 Mafia was another group with the majority male and two females. We’re kind of like their children. We listened to them growing up, so it was only right for us to kind of be compared to them. But we were younger and me and Diamond brought a softer side to rap..."

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"Our Own Trance"

"Every time the music comes on, we get in our own trance as performers and everything else goes out the window. It’s about the art and it’s about the fans."

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Create Something New

"It's really up to me to create something new."

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Making Sure Fans See Who She Is

"They see me back with the group, so it's all love. But it's something I battle with."

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Early Success

"We would get great feedback from our friends and they would burn CDs for their friends' friends," she told PAPER in 2019. "We were doing house parties we weren't even old enough to perform in clubs. So, we knew our peers liked it but for the whole world, let alone 16 years later to still love it? No idea."

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"I've established myself as Diamond. Sometimes, I have those situations where I have to choose. My fans still get a chance to see me, but I have so much stuff that's out now."

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On Solange Working With Crime Mob

"We’d already heard the sample, and we were just super excited that she wanted us to come out for her Met Gala after-party to perform. And from there, just like meeting her in person and talking to her again, it was an instant vibe, it felt so good to just be appreciated [for being] ourselves — the hair, the tattoos, the style."

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Diamonds Are Forever

"I wanted my name to be something authentic. And something that describes me. Since they say diamonds are forever..."



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