Sights From The 2022 Rock The Bells Festival

Sights From The 2022 Rock The Bells Festival

Published Sat, August 6, 2022 at 12:00 AM EDT

Queens was homebase for a Classic Hip-Hop Renaissance this weekend, as the 2022 Rock The Bells took place at Forest Hills Stadium. Hip-Hop superstars Dipset, Fat Joe, Busta Rhymes, Lil Kim, The LOX, Remy Ma, Ice Cube, and of course, LL COOL J were among the names who took the stage and rocked the massive crowd with uber-classics.

Scarface performed his classic album The Fix in recognition of the 2002 masterwork's 20th anniversary; Havoc and Lil Kim recreated some of that "Quiet Storm" energy and Remy took it all the way back to the "Ante Up" remix. Brand Nubian, Audio Two, and Kool G Rap took the stage alongside Uncle L, as the man of the hour unleashed a tower of hits, from "I'm Bad" to "Boomin' System" to "Luv U Better to, as the night's capper, "Rock The Bells."

Check out some pics from an unforgettable show.

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The forever cool trio of Ish aka Butterfly, Ladybug Mecca and Doodlebug brought their esoteric brand of jazzy Hip-Hop to the RTB stage.

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Queens representative, the legendary rapper/producer tore through classics like "Hangin' Out" and "Lookin' At the Front Door."

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Mister Cee

The iconic deejay kept it live and kept it moving throughout the day.

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For The People

The vibes were positive and love and community was evident all day. The Rock The Bells Festival brought people together.

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The Mad Faces

Fredro Starr and Sticky Fingaz of ONYX brought that distinct blend of unpredictable mayhem and undeniable showmanship to the RTB stage.

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The Boomin' System

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"This Is Big Shit"

Scarface always keeps it all the way real, and the Houston rap legend celebrated the 20th anniversary of his classic album THE FIX.

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Juice Crew for Life

DJ Cool V and Masta Ace, chilling backstage and showing love to the late, great Biz Markie.

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A Day For the Diplomats

Jimmy Jones and the rest of Dipset hit the stage to run through their strong catalog of individual bangers and group efforts.

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The Golden Child

Remy Ma and daughter Reminisce, who almost stole the show, at Rock The Bells Festival 2022.

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Legends In the Building

Pioneers enjoying the day: Grandmaster Caz and Crazy Legs.

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Performing like a bawse, Rick Ross took the stage and the crowd exploded through smashes like "Ashton Martin Music."

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Critical Beatdown

The Ultramagnetic MCs beamed down to join in the festivities. The legendary Bronx crew took the stage for a surprise appearance during LL COOL J's set.

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Queens Represent

This is the first time the festival has been held in his hometown of Queens, and Speaker of the NYC Council Adrienne Adams presented LL COOL J with a a proclamation acknowledging his influence and impact on the culture.

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The massive crowd was on-hand for some of the biggest and the best in classic Hip-Hop and the energy was palpable into the wee hours.

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N.O.R.E. took the stage and ran through solo hits, including classic posse cuts like "Banned From T.V.," and his enviable catalog with Capone.

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Bussa Buss

Busta Rhymes is still one of the baddest muthafuckas ever.

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The REAL Roxanne

Roxanne Shanté made sure everyone there was entertained.

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West Coastin'

Ice Cube hit the stage as night fell, performing smashes like "You Can Do It" and "Check Yo' Self" alongside classic N.W.A. tunes.

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Hard As Hell

The master of ceremonies himself, LL COOL J was the night's big finale, rocking through hit after hit with aplomb. With special guests like Brand Nubian and Kool G Rap, James Todd Smith repped for Hip-Hop and for Queens.

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"One Word: Timeless"

Reminding everyone where it started, what it is, and where it's going, LL closed out the night with the perfect anthem: "Rock The Bells"


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