The Hotness: Monica

The Hotness: 10 Monica Pics That'll Make You Wanna Sang

“My younger self was in the right place. Now, because I have so much to think about, you find yourself overthinking it. My younger self, I didn’t think about it — I did it, I said it, I sang it.”

- Monica, (2021 BUSTLE interview)

Monica has been a star since she was 14-years old. Now as one of the most respected R&B singers of her generation, the Atlanta girl has grown into maturity and peace in the industry and with herself. And she's lowkey one of the most captivating personalities on Instagram. She is a fashionista, and a down-to-earth southern girl who loves her family. She's always been about balance, and you can see it in how she shines on and off-camera. Check out these amazing flicks. There's only one Monica.

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"Growing up, I wasn’t always Monica, the artist, you know? So when [I] speak about the trenches, if you’ve ever been or ever lived there, then you still know what that is. You don’t forget. That’s what keeps you motivated to keep working."

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"One Day At a Time"

“After divorce, it’s one day at a time,” she said in a 2019 interview. “You don’t know what you’re going to feel day by day. You have to wake up and just flat out see what that’s gone be, see how you gone feel. And a big part of it is also, for me, respect is key. I try to always keep the respect intact."

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Genuine, Loving

“Being genuine is important. Being loving to other people is important. Knowing that serving only yourself would be a mistake in this lifetime. You have to serve others.”

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On Bonding With Brandy

“We're being normal. We're talking about what life is like to have teenage kids. We're talking about what it's like to be working on records and what it's like to be adjusting to the changes in music. We’re just talking about the difference between then and now, and what it's like really creating records, because no one knows what those times were like as much as she and I do. So, I'm glad that that awkwardness is gone.”

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"I understand there will be some things I sacrifice work-wise because of it, but I can’t get the years back once the kids are grown and gone. That may mean I’m not on every scene, but that’s OK. I’m looking at quality over quantity."

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"They Don't Have My Family..."

"I have good, genuine people for the most part in my family, so coming up with aunts and uncles that taught me and were genuine towards me kept me grounded. No matter what was happening, good or bad, they really were there for me. That’s something I always share with people because I notice a lot of artists, they don’t have that. They may have entourages, but they don’t have family — real family that treats them with love and respect. My family was like that about me."

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Career Independence

"My deal [with RCA] came to an end, but throughout the process of being on a label, you learn a lot about them, and it becomes a lot easier for you to step into that type of arena and feel comfortable. It’s a very expensive thing to do but it’s extremely rewarding, because I know what’s happening in every area.”

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Loving Dolly Parton

“Most people wouldn’t expect that a young girl from Georgia that’s an R&B singer would be obsessed with Dolly Parton. … But I remember hearing ‘Jolene’ when I was a little girl and then having my mom get it, and I listened to it over and over and over.”

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One Person

“I love being with one person,” Monica told ESSENCE this year. “I love getting to know the depths of who a person is and enjoying spending time. I don’t think I would make a good dater.”

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"Real Life Happens"

"All of my experiences are a part of the woman you see," she told BUSTLE in 2021. "I was always a very outspoken young girl. I was an outspoken young adult. I was very transparent and I didn’t want to lose that in the process of working to become successful. That was a battle in itself, then real life happens."


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