The RIAA Honors: Pioneers of Hip-Hop Ceremony

The RIAA Honors: Pioneers of Hip-Hop Ceremony

Published Thu, September 15, 2022 at 12:00 PM EDT

The Recording Industry Association of America(RIAA) last night (Sept. 14) celebrated creators who impact American music, culture and society with a star-studded event at their state-of-the-art headquarters in Washington, DC. Dubbed "RIAA Honors: Pioneers of Hip-Hop" this year, the groundbreaking accomplishments of Grandmaster Flash, MC Lyte, Jeff Harleston and Chairman Hakeem Jeffries drew an influential crowd from both the music industry and Capitol Hill.

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RIAA’s Mitch Glazier, Pioneer of Hip-Hop Grandmaster Flash and RIAA’s Michele Ballantyne

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RIAA’s Michele Ballantyne, Pioneer of Hip-Hop Jeff Harlestonand RIAA’s Mitch Glazier

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Pioneer of Hip-Hop MC Lyte and Rapsody share a sweet moment

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Billboard’s Hannah Karp and VIBE’s Datwon Thomas celebrate the honorees

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DJ Kool praises Grandmaster Flash

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Rapsody brings some rhymes to Pioneer of Hip-Hop Chairman Hakeem Jeffries

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Library of Congress’ Dr. Carla Hayden, Stupid Fly’s Cheapshot, RIAA’s Jackie Jones, RIAA’s Mitch Glazier, Pioneers of Hip-Hop Jeff Harleston and MC Lyte, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Pioneer of Hip-Hop Grandmaster Flash, RIAA’s Michele Ballantyne and Morna Willens and Stupid Fly’s Craig Smith

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Library of Congress’ Dr. Carla Hayden; Pioneer of Hip-Hop Chairman Hakeem Jeffries; RIAA’s Michele Ballantyne, Mitch Glazier and Morna Willens

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Mix Master Mike, Pioneer of Hip-Hop MC Lyte, DJ Jazzy Jeff and Pioneer of Hip-Hop Grandmaster Flash

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RIAA’s Mitch Glazier and Morna Willens; Pioneer of Hip-Hop Jeff Harleston; RIAA’s Michele Ballantyne; Pioneer of Hip-Hop MC Lyte; Billboard’s Hannah Karp; Mix Master Mike; Rapsody; DJ Jazzy Jeff; Yo-Yo; Big Tigger; RIAA’s Jackie Jones and VIBE’s Datwon Thomas

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Honorees: Pioneers of Hip-Hop Grandmaster Flash and MC Lyte


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