The primary cast of Peacock's BEL-AIR (L-R) Jimmy Akingbola, Akira Akbar, Ally Sholotan, Jabari Banks, Cassandra Freeman, Adrian Holmes, Coco Jones

10 Things We Love About 'Bel-Air' So Far

10 Things We Love About 'Bel-Air' So Far

It’s been a long time coming since the idea of a remake for the iconic 90’s sitcom, The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air, was rumored to be happening, and it’s finally arrived! Bel Air is a “reimagination of the beloved [series] set in modern day America” following Will Smith’s life from West Philadelphia to California, as a drama. 

The premiere of the show didn’t disappoint, as three episodes dropped on the same day. A new episode drops every Thursday and from the first 4 episodes, there are definitely vast differences from the original, yet a lot of nostalgic memories! So let’s get into all the things we love about this Peacock original:

BEL-AIR star Jabari Banks


Unlike the original, in episode 1 of Bel Air we got a more in depth look into Will’s life in Philadelphia and what really transpired at the basketball court, that so infamously got him sent to California. We can appreciate the Philly lingo that’s kept consistent throughout all of the episodes, even though Will says “jawn” and “bull” almost too much, we love the intricate inclusion!

BEL-AIR star Olly Sholotan


“Spoiler alert” if you haven’t caught up yet, but if you have, then you know Carlton has a slight drug problem in this new version of the show and Twitter has been all jokes!

BEL-AIR stars (L-R) Jordan Jones and Jabari Banks


Following suit from the 90’s sitcom, they continue to do a good job of making sure to include relatable situations that align with the Black community and the culture. From the struggles of being black and going to a PWI, to being a part of a fraternity or sorority. It’s nice that they get outside of Bel Air too, showing different predominantly black areas throughout LA too.

BEL-AIR (L-R) Jimmy Akingbola and Adrian Holmes


Geoffrey’s role has a twist to it in this series. He’s no longer the funny, yet shady butler, but the prestige house manager, who we learn is also a “fixer” for the family. For example, he “rescued” Ashley when she left Hillary to secretly meet up with her gamer friends, and he seemingly got Rashaad, the Philly gangsta who wanted to kill Will, killed. Geoffrey’s friendship with Uncle Phil is much closer too. His role is an intensional switch up and we’re here for it!

BEL-AIR stars (L-R) Jabari Banks and Jordan L. Jones


Though this series feels extremely different from the first, they did a great job of adding in specific Fresh Prince references and when you point them out, it feels like the good ol’ times! At Bel Air Academy, Will turned his uniform jacket inside out, mimicking Will’s old style. He also made the basketball team and hit a game winning basket that resulted in the team lifting him in the air, another iconic 90’s moment. And another nice reference was when Will started playing the piano in the living room. Small yet totally needed inclusions.

BEL-AIR stars (L-R) Jabari Banks, Olly Sholotan, Coco Jones, Akira Akbar


Though it was hard to come to terms with the idea of a less funny version, or remake in general, for such a classic show, Bel Air does a great job of giving the drama! We’re living for each crazy turn in the show's plot and the actors are killing every role. 

BEL-AIR star Jabari Banks


When you watch Bel Air be sure to catch all of the music selections because whoever is choosing the playlist is probably due for a raise. From all the Philly staples, like “Dream and Nightmares” by Meek Mill and “What We Do” with Beanie Sigel and Freeway, to newer west coast hits like “War and Wonder” by D Smoke. The show music is definitely a vibe.

BEL-AIR actress Coco Jones


The new Hillary Banks, played by Coco Jones, has been a fan favorite! Her style is top tier, and she’s a completely new modern day version of the beloved character. Instead of being just the beautiful, bougie yet ditzy cousin, she’s a beautiful, goals driven cousin. Hillary’s a popular social media influencer who aspires to be a chef, who also is a self proclaimed stylist on the side and she’s motivated to get out on her own so no more burning down the kitchen or trying to live in the pool house forever.

BEL-AIR star Jabari Banks


As stated above, Hillary is trying to be independent and succeed in her own lane, but we see a transition, which most people in their early 20’s go through, when you realize you don’t have enough money to live on your own. She’s trying to make a way for herself, and her journey inspirational, though she generally has it easier being a part of a wealthy family.  Meanwhile, Jazz who lives across town, is a hard working, brick and mortar owner. Jazz drives for Uber but also owns a record store called Charlie’s Vinyl, that his Uncle passed down to him and he keeps running. It’s the hustle and generational wealth for us!

BEL-AIR stars (L-R) Olly Sholotan, Akira Akbar and Adrian Holmes


And last but not least, we stan another show on TV that showcases another form of Black Excellence! Aunt Viv and Uncle Phil do anything for their family and even through hard times, everyone’s always there for each other… aside from Carlton, but we’ll give him a few more episodes to come around!


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