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Rory Drops "Enough" Featuring Jay Electronica And reggie

Rory Drops "Enough" Featuring Jay Electronica And reggie

Published Mon, March 20, 2023 at 4:28 PM EDT

Podcaster Rory Farrell of Rory & Mal (and formerly of the Joe Budden podcast) dropped his second single "Enough" featuring Jay Electronica and reggie last week.

reggie sings of heartbreak, failed relationships and betrayal while Jay Electronica spits a dope verse conveying that he's down, but not out.

"You can taste the tears of Lot's wife flowing out my tear ducts/the sound of me not giving a fuck blowing out my earmuffs/love ain't got nothing to do with it, you could ask Ike that/the heart seem like the perfеct place for you to stick a knife at/I bid you fairly well/my turntables might have wobbled but they never really fell/your love was conditional/so I'm back out on the ocean with dynamite inside my fishing boat."

The video features Rory inside his ex-girlfriend's home playing with her dog, using her bathroom, eating a pizza, and pouring himself a drink. His ex shows up with her new boyfriend and he then wakes up from the dream in a bathtub fully dressed.

Rory dropped his first single, "I Want You But You'll Never Know" featuring Shelley FKA DRAM and Alex Isley in July 2022. In a YouTube clip, Rory explains how the music on his upcoming project came about.

"So much of this album came from just conversations that we were having in the studio," he said. "It wasn't like writing sessions where we would just sit and do topics. It was man-to-man and woman-to-woman conversations."

As for Jay Electronica, he posted to Twitter last week that he met the Illuminati and was underwhelmed. "Ps, the Illuminati? I met 'em. They ain't all that," he posted.

Check out "Enough" above.

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