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A still from "Queens" episode 3 "Who You Callin' A Bitch?"

'Queens' S1E3 "Who You Callin' a Bitch?" Recap

'Queens' S1E3 "Who You Callin' a Bitch?" Recap

Since Queens premiered fans have been raving about the show, from the music to the drama. And episode 3, “Who You Calling A Bitch?” continues to not disappoint. 

As the show opens, the group reads an article in the newspaper about them, (which was weird considering no one reads a physical newspaper anymore, but I suppose that’s beside the point.) In the article, the writer details how terrible their last performance was from Jill forgetting her lyrics, to an unexpected intermission when Bri had to take a break to put her kids to bed over the phone. The performance was a mess and the article dragged them for it. They decided to redeem themselves by doing another show, but their manager Eric lets them know, nobody wants to book them after their last dumpster fire on stage.

The group’s solution was to record new music to make their comeback so they head to the studio to listen to some beats, but things started to go left when Naomi tried being the leader of the group without anyone’s input. Bri told her they all wanted to write their own rhymes and choose the beat they use together, but Naomi argued she was the most talented lyrically and was the only reason they had hits in the past. Bri challenges her to a freestyle battle and whoever won would get their way. Bri wanted everyone to have a say, change the direction of their songs to match who they are now instead of who they used to be and wanted to change the name of the group. Naomi wanted to keep things how they were with her being the head of the group, and continuing the legacy of Nasty Bitches.

Bri and Naomi go three rounds in the freestyle battle, shooting low blows back and forth resulting in a tie after two rounds. Then Bri went acapella in the final round and finished Naomi off! It was clear Bri won, and Naomi wasn’t feelin’ it so she walked out and told the girls “good luck” without her. 

In this episode, we see the Nasty Bitches individual lives split into four different parts and get to know their stories even better.

First, we get all the tea on Bri’s life, and now her husband Jeff admitted he regained his memory but she still doesn’t know if she wants to be with him or not. She ends up going to meet a divorce lawyer to get some advice and she tells her if she’s not ready to go to war in a divorce, she should make it work with her husband. Then Bri gets a call from her daughter’s school and Jeff meets her there to her surprise. When the principal tells them the Nasty Bitches necklace their daughter wore to school was inappropriate, Jeff got the principal all the way together. Bri was impressed and proud of him for standing up for them as a family. He convinced her to go out with him after leaving the school meeting, and surprised her again with a romantic date but it was ruined when his mistress from episode 1 called right in the middle of him explaining he wants to win her back as his wife.

They went home and argued about the situation and Bri continued to explain that she sacrificed everything for him and their family and he sacrificed nothing. She mentioned that she went to see the divorce lawyer and Jeff begged for her forgiveness, ending the conversation by asking if she’ll give him one more chance or if she wants the divorce… but she couldn’t answer him in that moment.

Meanwhile, Jill met with a reporter to dish on her coming out story and revealed she had a girlfriend. But she seemed oblivious that the reporter was flirting with her. She ended up inviting Jill out to a bar with her friends afterwards and Jill obliged. When she got there she realized they were at a gay bar, and she had never been to a gay bar before. Later that night, the reporter texted Jill to invite her out to dinner and she went the next night, but was shocked to find out it was only the two of them, and not a group of the ladies she had partied with. Things got real quickly when the reporter started hitting on Jill, rubbing up her thigh under the table. Jill looked turned on and uncomfortable all at the same time, and told her she had to go to the bathroom. She got up and walked out of the restaurant and the next scene we see Jill on the phone with her girlfriend. But she’s caught off guard when there’s a knock at her door and it's the reporter. Jill lied to her girlfriend telling her it was room service, before getting off the phone with her, letting the reporter in and hooking up with her!

Naomi is still trying to repair her relationship with her daughter, Jojo, and went with her to an arts school audition. It started off rough when the two started arguing while Jojo was practicing her piano performance and Naomi walked out on her. She sat in her car for a while and then decided to go back in and support her daughter. She went to get food from her favorite restaurant in LA and brought it to Jojo for her to try and hopefully calm her nerves. Jojo was happy her mom came back and took in all of her advice about getting over the nerves and being authentic in her performance.

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During her audition she put her own hip hop flair on the arrangement she was given to perform and ended it by rapping the chorus to the Nasty Bitches hit song from the 90’s. Naomi was so proud of her and the moment was even better after she found out she got into the program. But the excitement didn’t last long before Jojo asked her mom more questions about her dad and told her she wanted to find him so she can get to know herself better. Naomi was hesitant but asked Jojo to give her some time, and she promised to help her find him.

In Valeria’s world, she was stressing about writing her own verse for the new song considering she had never written her own music, Naomi always wrote it for her. She went to Eric for some help but she couldn’t think of anything when they went into the studio.

He took her out to a Puerto Rican restaurant to remind her where she came from and inspire her pen. While they were out eating and dancing, Eric kept asking if she missed her home of Queens, NY or the relationship they once shared with each other and she reiterated that she never goes backwards and doesn’t regret anything. But by the end of the outing, she admitted she missed Queens. They went back to the studio and she got in the booth. She and Eric both loved her verse and were so excited, they almost kissed. But Valeria wouldn’t let it happen. Eric admitted that he missed what they used to have, and thinks she would’ve been a great mother insinuating that Valeria got pregnant while they were together and had an abortion. But while Eric was reminiscing about a time they were seemingly in love, Valeria said she didn’t want to be a mother and doesn’t regret what she did.

The next day, all the ladies meet back at the studio with Eric and record the new song together. They all love their verses, authentically rapping about their present lives and agreed to change their group name to Queens instead of Nasty Bitches, as a joyous rebirth of their group.

But the episode ended with some drama and grief, when Eric relistens to Naomi’s verse and thinks that she subliminally admits that he’s the father of her daughter, and while he realizes it, Valeria storms in and asks him if it's true. While that is happening, Bri went home and started telling Jeff that she wants to make their marriage work, and when he didn't respond to her, she checked his pulse and couldn’t find it. She closes his eyes and lays next to him as she comes to grip with the fact that her husband just passed. 

R.I.P to Jeff… definitely didn’t see that coming.


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