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'Queens' S1E6 "Behind the Throne" Recap

'Queens' S1E6 "Behind the Throne" Recap

'Queens' S1E6 "Behind the Throne" Recap

Queens episode 6, “Behind The Throne,” explored the ladies' come-ups and setbacks.

The episode begins by checking back in with all of the ladies after their ground breaking comeback performance at the AMA’s in the last episode. Bri was listening to The Breakfast Club and Fivio Foreign was the guest star. He spilled all the tea on hooking up with Bri after the award party and her son walked in asking her if it was true.

Over at Valeria’s house, she was excited to get to know her mom and made her some food. She seemed really happy about her mom being in her life now but the other ladies were worried about her mom’s intentions and they warned Valeria to be careful, especially Naomi.

Jill and her husband finally settled on their divorce and after signing the paperwork, he apologized to her for how he treated her recently. Before they went their separate ways, he told her she was a good person and asked her not to change who she is.

Since their performance was such a hit, the Queens planned to drop a single and a documentary to keep the wave going and ultimately land a world tour. They wanted to add a feature on the new single and Muffin sent in a verse but so did another rapper, Lady London. The ladies were split on who to go with since Muffin was the reason they were back in the spotlight to begin with. But they chose Lady London since she was a better marketing move. 

Muffin confronted them about stabbing her in the back, including Eric, and she was pissed off. Before a dramatic walk out, she shaded Jill and her character since she knew Jill voted against her vote. She went home to tell her “friends” about the betrayal and they were completely uninterested. She was fed up and called Eric asking to meet with the label to transform her career.

Valeria was thinking about what the girls said about her mom, and went home to make her an offer. She wrote her mom a $100,000 check and told her she can take it and leave if that’s what she came for. But her mom wouldn’t take it and explained why she left her when she was a baby. Her mom was 19-years-old dealing with physical abuse from Valeria’s biological father and she said she abandoned her so she didn’t have to deal with ever being abused by him. They both promised not to let each other go again.

Now it was the day to film the music video and start on the documentary simultaneously so the girls all showed up to set, but Jill was late as usual, and Bri was even later due to not having enough help with her kids. Her nanny cancelled at the last minute so she had to bring them all with her. So it was already a lot going on and they hadn’t even started shooting anything yet.

The director of the music video greeted everyone, and specifically showed interest in Naomi, which everyone noticed. After his welcome speech, he sent the ladies to hair and makeup but the glam was interrupted when everyone got a notification on their phones.

Jill had still been on her publicity kick, getting as much media time as she could and one of her paparazzi videos went viral, but not how she intended it to. Fans were calling her out for using her sexuality for a come up after she said “if I knew I would get this much attention, I would’ve come out a long time ago.”

She panicked about being cancelled, and took some time on the documentary filming to explain why she came out and defended herself.

Meanwhile, Muffin and Eric met with the record label and she asked them to forget “Muffin,” because she wanted to make an album as herself, Lauren, not her alter ego because she’s outgrown it. They surprisingly agree to the terms but say they have to confirm with the higher-up’s.

Muffin went back to her house to celebrate her new music direction with her friends but then Eric called her letting her know that the label decided to drop her for not following through on her original contract... adding that she also now owes them $750,000 to settle the cost differences of the breach of contract.

Back at the video shoot, they all got to take a small break and Naomi and the director went to her dressing room. She was teaching him how to play the guitar and they were being pretty flirtatious. Eric walked in and the energy was immediately awkward, he was uncomfortable with another man pursuing Naomi.

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In Jill’s dressing room, she confided in Alicia asking her for help and then another notification popped up on their phones. A girl claimed that Jill pushed and threatened her 20 years ago and told her story on video stating Jill also called her a freak and she suffered depression after the incident.

To make things even worse, Lady London pulled out of the song and music video saying she couldn’t be associated with their group right now following everything Jill had going on.

Jill came up with an idea to call and convince Tina to go on a morning show with her so she could fix her image. Tina said a bunch of great things about Jill, confirming she wasn’t lying about her sexuality for a come up. Jill followed with a public apology to the girl and after the show, fans uncancelled her.

Lady London called Eric to get back in on the song and video after Jill got redemption but the ladies decided they no longer wanted her and asked Lauren to be on the verse instead. She gave them a hard time at first but after they apologized and praised her for helping them get back into the industry, she agreed to do it!

Two weeks later, the Queens debuted their new song at a single release party. Everyone was having a great time but not for long.

Tina talked to Jill about taking time off from her job to be with her in LA with her and work on their relationship, considering that’s what Jill hinted at on the morning show. But Jill told her, she got the wrong impression, and Tina was just doing her a favor. Tina was noticeably hurt and told Jill she felt used. Jill tried to validate her choice but Tina called her disgusting and walked out of the party.

Valeria is finally feeling loved by her mom, but the producer of the documentary warned her to watch out for her. She went on to show Valeria footage of her mom taking photos of her credit cards in her dressing room and now she doesn’t know what to believe.

The director from the music video gets everyone to get on the dance floor and have a good time, and in the midst of the festivities, Eric got a call and announced to the girls that “they did it.” The Queens including Lauren secured a world tour! At the end of the episode, we see them all looking at a promotion billboard of themselves for the tour, but things are about to get wild before the tour even begins. As they stood there, we can hear that somebody gets shot, but who could be the shooter and does anybody get hurt? Who do y’all think could want to shoot one of them and why?



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