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(L-R) Valeria (Nadine Valezquez), Brianna (Eve Cooper), and Naomi (Brandy Norwood) field questions during a press conference in a scene from QUEENS

'Queens' S1E7 "Who Shot Ya" Recap

'Queens' S1E7 "Who Shot Ya" Recap

After a week without Queens, the return episode, “Who Shot Ya?” made up for lost time! The show started with the infamous scene of the ladies, along with Muffin and Eric looking at the billboard of their upcoming world tour and they all see someone in all black with a gun approaching them. Eric screams, “we’ll get you your money,” before the mystery person shoots Eric in the shoulder!

The episode rewinds to hours before the shooting, and the Queen’s are at a photoshoot, slaying as usual. During a break, Brianna realized Naomi was smiling at her phone and asked who she was texting. Naomi admitted she’s been talking to Rodrigo, the director from the music video, and they’re going on a date. Bri’s excited for her, but was shocked when Naomi revealed it would be her first date… ever! They went to wardrobe to get her something cute to wear.

Meanwhile, Jill went to the studio with Wyclef Jean to lay a verse for his new song, and after he asked her what she thought about the single, she told him the vocals could use a little extra help. He asked her to do the vocals and she agreed to do it, all behind the Queen's backs. 

Valeria is battling her own issues, and she confronted her mom about being caught taking pictures of her credit cards at the music video. She explained that she knows what it looks like, but she only took a picture because she never saw a black card up close and was proud that her daughter had one. Valeria noticed that the card wasn’t used at all, and believed her mom.

The Queens all met back up to do a press conference for their world tour, and Jill was late as usual. When she arrived she told everyone the truth about being late because she recorded a track with Wyclef, but reassured them that she’s all in on the group. They all hugged and went out to answer questions from the media. The reporters were heavily focused on asking Jill questions, even mentioning that she was the leader of the group. The ladies were thrown off but held their ground. When another reporter asked how they plan on not crashing like they did 20 years ago, Bri read her to filth, claiming that they are new women and know how much they need each other. She added the Queens are here to stay and back better than ever. 

As Jill walked to her car, Tina surprisingly approached her in the parking lot. When Jill started to talk, Tina cut her off and told her not to speak. Tina then verbally laid Jill out, calling her out of her name, explaining how evil of a person she is and even told her if she knew how disgusting of a person she really was she would kill herself. She added that Jill’s reckoning was coming before walking away and Jill was left nervous and speechless.

Now five hours before the billboard, Muffin is at Eric’s house, as she's been living there since she got cut from the label. And while she’s trying to figure out how to eat Ramen noodles, the doorbell rang continuously and it was Jadakiss and a couple of guys from his crew. They pressed Eric about paying them back their $750,000, which was Muffin’s label debt, and demanded he give them $100,000 of the tab by the end of the night or they’d be back. Before leaving, one of the guys flashed a gun at him, which looked like the gun from the beginning of the episode. 

Muffin asks Eric what the confrontation was all about and he tells her not to worry about it. But she can’t help but to worry. Later on in the episode, Muffin gets a DM from Walter Westcott, a proclaimed billionaire, who offered her $200,000 to do an appearance at his party. She tells Eric it can help him get the money he needs, and they end up going to the party. Muffin think Walter is an old white man but he’s actually a young college kid who created an app and he invited her to his app launch party. Eric went with her and told Walter they needed the money upfront, but he told him to relax. As the party went on, Walter asked her to do cocaine with him, because he’s paying her for “the full Muffin experience.” Eric stepped in and they left without the money. 

Valeria had previously asked Eric to look her mom up, after she found out about the credit card pictures, and he finally got some information on her. He told Valeria that the woman in her house is a con artist named Valentina, not her real mom. He showed Valeria the woman’s police records and she was devastated. She told him she was going home to kick her out of her house and Eric recommended she act like everything’s normal and wait for him to confront her. 

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But when Valeria got home, she couldn’t pretend. She confronted Valentina and they got into it! Valeria told Valentina to get out and that she was going to call the police. Valentina slammed her up against the wall, choked her and threatened to come back for her if she got the cops involved. She told Valeria her real mom’s name and made a deal that if she didn't go to the police, she would never see her again.

In the meantime, Naomi is finally on her date with Rodrigo. They met up at a fancy restaurant and Bri went with her but when they arrived, Bri told Naomi she couldn’t go in and left pretty abruptly but told her to call her if she needed anything. Naomi was pretty forward at the beginning of the date, but as time went on they started to have a great time. They wanted to continue the date at a bar but Bri was drunk texting Naomi about how much she missed Jeff, so she asked Rodrigo for a raincheck so she could console her friend.

Just 30 minutes before the billboard moment, Valentina was parked outside the police station as Valeria walked out. She had a gun in the passenger seat that also resembled the gun from the beginning of the episode.

Naomi made it to Bri’s house, and shortly after Jill and Valeria showed up to console her as well. As they unwound, Bri found the letter Jeff wrote her before his surgery in case he didn’t make it. The note led to a video on the computer of his last words to her and their kids, and all the ladies watched it with her with tears in their eyes because of how beautiful of a message it was. In the midst of the sadness, Eric texted them to let them know their first billboard was up. Bri said she wanted some happiness, so they all drove over to look at it.

As Eric waited for them to get there, Jadakiss and his men pulled up on him in his car looking for their first payment with guns in hand. But Eric didn’t have it. Jada told him he wanted 10% of the Queen’s total profit since he couldn’t pay up. Eric said he couldn’t do the ladies like that so there was no deal. Jada pistol whipped him and told the guys to put him in the car but Eric fought back and got away in his car. Jada shot at the car as he sped off. 

Now, we see the perpetrator approach them all looking at the billboard, and Eric gets shot in the shoulder as we saw in the beginning of the episode. As he got shot, he tried to protect the Queens and Muffin by going after the shooter. He tackled the person, but as he did that, the gun fired again and hit Bri in the chest! The shooter fled the scene but the gun was left on the ground. Muffin called 911 and the rest of the ladies tried to keep Bri alive as she sat there losing a lot of blood.

If I had to guess who the shooter was, I’d absolutely say it was Valentina, by the frame of her body, and the pistol in her passenger seat but it seems like that would be too easy of a guess so I’m intrigued to see who they unveil as the perp and if the person gets caught. I don’t think Bri will die from the gunshot, but I can imagine she’s going to be in the hospital for a while now which may prevent them from going on their big world tour. Who do you think was the shooter?


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