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Actress Naturi Naughton as Jill, in QUEENS episode 8

'Queens' S1E8 "God's Plan" Recap

'Queens' S1E8 "God's Plan" Recap

Queens Episode 8, “God’s Plan,” takes us on a ride as we await the fate of Brianna and Eric, and learn the history of how everyone originally met in the early 90’s.

As y’all remember, both Eric and Bri were shot in the last episode by a “mystery person.” To start this episode we see them both being rushed to the hospital in an ambulance, as Naomi, Jill and Muffin follow behind in a car, crying and praying that they both pull through. The ladies wait in a “VIP room” and talk about how badly Bri got shot, pleading that Bri couldn’t die on them.  

Then the show flashes back to 1993, when Bri and Naomi first met at school, and Bri was seemingly Naomi’s Shakespeare tutor. The two talked about their love for music, Bri even spit a verse to let Naomi know she knew about rap too. Naomi had the idea to start a rap group together and perform at a local showcase, and Bri was down for it.

Back to the present day, a detective came in to ask the ladies a few questions about who would want to harm any of them. Jill mentioned it could be anyone because she’s been treating everyone poorly, but added Tina did threaten her. Valeria named her fake con mother, Valentina. And Muffin told all about Eric’s beef with Jadakiss and how he owes him money. 

Naomi, Jill and Valeria were tired of waiting on information and went to the front desk of the hospital looking for answers. The nurse confirmed Eric was stable, but couldn’t give any information on Bri. Valeria went to pick up Bri’s kids so they could be with them while they waited.

Since Naomi was “related” to Eric since they have a child together, she sat by his bedside talking to him while he was unconscious, but then he woke up startled saying, “I’ll give you your money!” Once he realized it was just Naomi, he seemed at peace and asked how Bri was doing. Naomi asked if he was in trouble considering he’s been talking about giving somebody money since he was shot, but he told her everything was fine.

Flashing back to 1993, Bri had Naomi over after school, but things got a bit awkward when Bri’s mom was seemingly judging Naomi for going to a public school. And introduced her to Jill, who was a “nice private school girl.” All 3 of the girls went up to Bri’s room, and Naomi and Bri started freestyling as Jill just watched. After a few verses, Hill got up and started spitting too! Naomi and Bri were so impressed, and they became a rap group of three.

Back to the present day again, Valeria came back to the hospital with Bri’s children. Bri’s mom, Mrs. Robinson, was there in the waiting room, and still wasn’t a fan of any of the ladies, resenting them for Bri’s rap path instead of going to an Ivy League college. The doctor came out and let everyone know the children could see Bri but she still wasn’t conscious. Their grandma was against it, but Valeria and Naomi suggested they should be able to see their mom. The kids pleaded to see their mom, and Valeria took them in to see her.

The doctor came back to talk to the ladies and Bri’s mom without the children present, and they found out Bri was currently paralyzed from the neck down. However, the doctor said they could perform surgery that can potentially give her the opportunity to walk again, but the surgery could kill her. The doctor said if it was her daughter she’d take the chance of surgery, and the ladies want to give Bri a chance at life. But Bri’s mom was completely against it and told them not to touch her daughter.

Muffin went into the room to see Eric, and he pressed her about talking to the police about Jadakiss since a detective came in to question him about what she revealed. They started to go back and forth but Naomi walked in and they cut their conversation short. Muffin walked out and Naomi was shaken up about Bri’s mom being the only one to make a decision about Bri. She proposed that they retroactively put him down as Jojo’s father on her birth certificate and he agreed immediately, saying that’s what he always wanted. They kissed and had an intimate moment. But Eric is still lying to Naomi about being in trouble.

Valeria went to see Valentina before the police let her go, and asked her a few questions about her mom. She told her that her mom was dead, but was proud of her and loved her.

Naomi, Jill and Bri went to talk to Mrs. Robinson to try to convince her to let Bri get the surgery but she scolds them, saying it’s all their fault that she’s in this position, since she pursued a rap career with them instead of continuing her academics. But as they cried and continued to tell her why the surgery was important, she finally agreed with them.

Back in the early 90’s, Bri, Naomi and Jill snuck out to go to the rap showcase, but when they got there, they saw Bri’s mom in the distance. Bri still wanted to perform and convinced the promoter to let them get on stage. He called them “little nasty bitches,” and that’s how the Nasty Bitches were born. They had a great performance and the crowd was feeling them, but Bri’s mom was disappointed and dragged them out after the show. As they got in the car, a young Eric introduced himself and praised their performance, gave them his business card and told them to call him.

Fast forward, Eric was laying in the hospital bed and Jadakiss walked in. Jada confirmed that he didn’t shoot him or Bri, but threatened if he didn’t get the police off his back, that he’d finish the job the second he’s out of the hospital.

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As Jada left the room, Muffin saw him walking out and got scared. She told Naomi and Valeria that Eric was in trouble and owed Jada money. But before they could process what she told them, the detective came in asking where Jill was because they identified the shooter on a street camera a block away from the crime scene.

Jill was in the hospital chapel praying for Bri, and Jill’s ex husband walked in and knelt next to her. He confessed that he was the shooter but believed it was God’s plan for them to be together, since the bullet that was meant for her hit Brianna. She was horrified and pushed him away, but he started to choke her. She hit him over the head with a candlestick and knocked him out. The detective, Naomi, Valeria and Muffin all walked in and Jill started to cry that everything was her fault.

Meanwhile, Bri was in surgery and began to flatline, the surgeons were trying to bring her back to life but looked panicked. Outside the hospital, fans started a memorial site of Bri where they laid flowers, and signs in hopes of Bri “staying strong” and getting through this difficult time. As the show ends, we can hear the flatline stop, and a heartbeat begins. 

This episode was an emotional end to the first part of season 1, and I can’t imagine what the second part will have to offer in January, but I can’t wait to find out! What did you think about “God’s Plan?”


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