Redman and Method Man's 5 Best Songs

Redman and Method Man's 5 Best Songs

Published Tue, June 6, 2023 at 12:00 AM EDT

Two of the most respected MCs to ever touch a mic, Redman and Method Man established themselves as top-tier rappers even before they connected. But when they joined forces in the mid-90s, first on a promo tour put together by Def Jam, and soon after, musically, their creative chemistry was not only undeniable but infectious.

Since then they've continued to create and hit the stage together in between their solo releases, showcasing that when the energy is right, it's best to just lean into it and let the magic happen.

"We was on the road," Redman told High Times of how the he and the W-Tang Clan legend first connected. "We did the first promotional tour, which was known as the “Month of the Man” tour. Def Jam sponsored that. We was under Def Jam; they put us two together in a van, and we toured the cities doing in-store, shaking hands, communicating .… Which you people don’t know about now because you got all this fancy Internet bullshit, but we actually had to go out and sell records and go to stores and shake fans’ hands and sign autographs right there. We didn’t have too many outlets, so that’s what took us there: that struggle, that motivation of being in a van traveling, knowing that we wanted more."

If you've ever witnessed Red and Meth on stage, you've seen the magnetic vibrations firsthand — they're hands down two of the best live performers in Hip-Hop.

Thankfully, they're set to hit the stage at the Rock The Bells Festival on Aug. 5 and Queens, NY. With that in mind, we took at look at 5 of their best songs.

Rappers Method Man (L) and Redman onstage at the 2009 VH1 Hip Hop Honors at the Brooklyn Academy of Music on September 23, 2009 in the Brooklyn borough of New York City Rappers Method Man (L) and Redman onstage at the 2009 VH1 Hip Hop Honors at the Brooklyn Academy of Music on September 23, 2009 in the Brooklyn borough of New York City

"4, 3, 2, 1" - LL COOL J featuring DMX, Canibus, Redman, Method Man

While this song is most recognized for LL and Canibus' verses, Redman and Method Man's energetic bars provide another peek at how well their styles mesh together.

"Da Rockwilder"

One of the most popular Red and Meth collabs almost didn't even happen because at first, Redman didn't like Rockwilder's high-energy production.

“It was so short because Red didn’t like the track,” Method Man said in 2020. “Him and Erick Sermon came up with Rockwilder, and they’re very hard on him when it comes to beats. He didn’t like the track. I loved it, I embraced it, I jumped on it. Red didn’t even have a verse on it for like a week and a half."


Featured on 1999's Blackout! the dance-friendly track continued Red's winning streak with Erick Sermon pulling production duty.

"Part II"

A build on the original "How High," the song's second installment, produced by Erick Sermon, was featured on the How High soundtrack and featured Toni Braxton's vocals on the hook.

"How High (Remix)"

Red and Meth's signature collaboration is also their first. Red has explained they created the song while they were on the road during the Def Jam sponsored "Month of Man" tour in 1994. "That’s where we created the song “How High”—on the road," he said. Of course, that later led to them starring the stoner film of the same name in 2001.

Bonus: "Ruthless" - Redman and Method Man featuring Jadakiss, Lloyd Banks and Dave East

Decades after their first collaboration, Red and Meth are still two of the illest to ever do it, and "Ruthless" is easily one of the hardest tracks delivered in 2023.

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