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CeeLo Green Buys Rico Wade's Old Home With Plans to Make it a Museum

CeeLo Green Buys Rico Wade's Old Home With Plans to Make it a Museum

Published Fri, April 19, 2024 at 2:15 PM EDT

CeeLo Green of the Goodie Mob took to IG to announce that he has purchased Organized Noize co-founder Rico Wade's old home, with intentions to turn it into a museum. "We moved into ' the White House' because by unanimous decision, Rico Wade was appointed commander and chief of Atlanta music culture,"he wrote. "Never the sins, but the wins of the father. Our success bought us all homes of our own and the White House was an empty nest."

He continued, "Mr. Wade decided on something more domestic to raise his new family, which was his Qwaint and reserved taste in the first place. This property was poorly kept by the occupants over the years, it came to my attention that it was available and on the market.I then took it upon myself to acquire this monument and Landmark. It was too important and invaluable to leave it be. The asking price was around 1 million, I would’ve paid more ! I’m proud to say me and my real estate partner… my sister did that for the family! My pleasure. One day soon it will be a museum, archiving our rich musical history."

Wade, who passed last week (4/13) was one third of Organized Noize, the production collective which included Ray Murray and Sleepy Brown, and was responsible for TLC's gargantuan hit "Waterfalls", Ludacris' "Saturday", "So Fresh, So Clean" by Outkast, and many others.

Wade told AllHipHop recently that he had been experiencing some health issues, but he seemed to be on the mend. "My heart had ruptured a valve and it was dripping, and they just rerouted it,” he explained. “I have heart conditions on my father’s side. I didn’t really know it. On my mom’s side, she’s got alcoholism.

A lot of the Outkast success was great, but after that, I got into a little bit of a depression or whatever, so I was drinking a little bit more than I was supposed to. I was doing it over 10, 15 years. And eventually, I couldn’t blame anything else for the negative in my life so I cut it out. I feel like I’m so much more clear and confident, and that’s the person that I want to be for the past 20 years.” No cause of death has been announced.

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