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'BMF: Black Mafia Family' S1E7 "All In the Family" Recap

'BMF: Black Mafia Family' S1E7 "All In the Family" Recap

After a crazy week without a new episode of BMF, we finally got to see the full version of episode 7! If you hadn’t heard, last Sunday, 50 Cent was upset about the latest Starz episode being leaked and then taken down claiming the network dropped the ball and ruined the anticipation for the fans… but still, the episode didn’t disappoint!

The show opened confirming that Nicole’s crush, Darius, has passed away after being stabbed by Lamar when he tried defending Nicole in episode 6. Meech and Terry ran to the hospital to be there with their sister, but she blamed them for Darius’ death because she remembered Lamar from the mall when he pushed up on Terry.

Detective Bryant and his partner, Detective Lopez, showed up at the hospital to talk to Nicole, and said they had to take her down to the station. When Meech said they’d go with her, Detective Bryant wouldn’t allow them to and took her away. Meech expressed his worry to Terry asking what if Nicole messes up their business, and Terry was livid that that’s what Meech was thinking about instead of the safety of their sister.

Charles and Lucille met Nicole at the police station and before she was questioned, the detectives let them speak to their daughter but neither Charles or Lucille were on the same page. Nicole asked what she should tell the cops, alluding to snitching on her brothers or not, and Lucille was hesitant for her to tell the truth, thinking it could possibly backfire on all of them. But Charles instructed Nicole to be completely honest.

When the detectives came in, they asked if Nicole knew who stabbed Darius or why, and she held her brothers down by saying she didn’t know the man explaining he started stabbing Darius out of nowhere. The detectives pushed hard on Nicole reminding her that lying to the police is a crime and mentioned a witness who told them Darius was actually protecting her when he was stabbed. Nicole started to cry and the Flenory’s told the police that was enough and got their daughter out of there.

When they got back home, Charles started to pack his things into a suitcase and told Lucille they’re getting out of the house and away from Meech and Terry, but she didn’t want to leave the boys, as always. Charles said she could stay at the house if she wanted to, but he’s taking Nicole to keep them safe.

Meanwhile, Terry was having second thoughts about being in the drug game after a conversation about his soul with his mom in the last episode. Meech told him they’re already in too deep and can’t pray away what they’ve already done. Meech then proposed they take Lamar out since he tried to take their sister and Terry didn’t immediately agree but they decided something had to be done.

Meech met with Tin, from 12th Street, who he’s been secretly working with for the past couple of episodes. He made a deal with him to kill Lamar but the plan didn’t exactly go as planned.

Tin and one of his boys did a drive-by on Lamar as he was coming out of his house but they didn’t kill him. He was shot badly in the arm but got away before Tin caught up to him. Meech was livid to find out Tin didn’t finish the job, but Tin assured him they’d get it done.

Lamar ran to Monqiue’s house and broke in through her bathroom window to hide and tend to his injury as he was losing a lot of blood. As he was patching himself up, Monique and Zoe got back home and Monique found him in the bathroom. She screamed and told him to get out or she’ll call the police. But she didn’t get the chance to call anyone before Lamar hit her to the ground. Shortly after, Zoe shouted “dad!” as Lamar had her mother in a chokehold up against the wall. He finally let Monique go and fled from the house.

Monique calls Meech to come over and he sees that she was beaten by Lamar. She told him she was done with Lamar and gave Meech the last location she believed he could find him... Meech said he’ll handle the situation.

Meech, Terry, B Mickie and Kato met up to discuss the police cracking down on the corner boys lately and they instructed Kato to lay low. She confirmed she would and dipped out, but B Mickie stayed behind and asked Meech and Terry why they didn’t call him to finish Lamar. They explained it was the best option to have Tin do it, but once Terry left, Meech told B Mickie he had another plan. He explained he got Lamar’s potential location and B Mickie was ready to slide on him immediately, but Meech said he had to do one thing before they went, and Meech revealed he knew B Mickie was messing with Kato and he needed to end it. B Mickie responded saying Kato was special but Meech urged “rules are rules.” He seemingly agreed to cut her off and they headed to find Lamar.

When they showed up at the house however, there was only a little boy there. The boy told them Lamar hadn’t been there in a long time and now they were back to square one.

Terry met back up with Meech to discuss how they were going to meet Big L’s payment deadline since the corner boys had to lay low, and they came up with both of them taking shifts with everybody to try to sell everything on time. Meech took the first shift, and Terry left to attend Darius’ funeral with the rest of his family but didn’t tell Meech that was where he was going.

At the funeral, everyone kept giving Terry mean side eye’s because they knew he was a drug dealer and seemingly suspected he had something to do with why Darius was killed. After the ceremony, Lucille went up to Darius’ parents and said she was sorry for their loss and things got real!

Darius’ mom accused Nicole of not telling the police the truth, and hearing that Darius was defending her before he was stabbed. She told Lucille and Charles they should be ashamed of themselves for even showing up knowing their sons are big time drug dealers and ruining their community. She looked at Terry, then told Lucille it should’ve been her son in that coffin instead of Darius.

Meanwhile, Meech and some of their crew are walking up the street in the rain, and Detective Bryant and Lopez see them. Lopez told Bryant he knew they were the 50 Boyz and they should pull up on them. Bryant disagreed, but Lopez took it upon himself since he believed Bryant was a dirty cop. Lopez hopped out of the car and pursued the gang and they all took off running. He chased them and finally caught up to one and tackled him. It ended up being Meech and Lopez was shocked, as no one expected him to be on the corners. Before he could say anything, Kato hit Lopez over the head with a metal pole and they ran away. Bryant, who wasn’t too far behind, found Lopez lifeless and called in for emergency help.

When they get to the hospital, the entire unit is there waiting to hear if Lopez was going to make it but the doctor let everyone know they couldn’t save him.

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Kato ran to B Mickie’s house in distress telling him that she thinks she killed a cop and wants to get out of town, but he consoles her and convinces her to relax. They end up having sex, and hanging out the rest of the night together even though Meech told him to cut her off. When he left to get some snacks from the store, Lamar snuck up on Kato in B Mickie’s house. She explained that she was just using B Mickie to get more information for him, but he wasn’t going for it. He reminded her that she owes him, and told her the only way to make it right is if she killed Meech, adding if she doesn’t, he’ll kill her! Kato agreed to do it and Lamar left, but B Mickie came back from the store at the same time and saw Lamar leave his place.

When he got back inside Kato was making sausages, and B Mickie didn’t hesitate. He pulled his gun on her and told her to explain why Lamar was at his place. She came clean and told him everything, begging him not to kill her and instead help her kill Lamar. He lowered his gun but said he had to tell Meech. Kato pleaded that she really loved him and if he told Meech, he’d never believe her. He was left clearly in a state of confusion about what he wanted to do.

Detective Bryant calls Meech to meet up, and asks him who killed Lopez. He claimed it wasn’t him and Bryant said he knew it wasn’t him but knew he could find out or already knew who it was. Meech explained he didn’t know who it was, and couldn’t help him. Detective Bryant took a puff of his cigar and told Meech to tell his mom he sends his condolences, as a threat, and drove away.

I don’t know about y’all, but each episode just keeps getting more and more interesting. I can’t wait to see how things continue to unfold in episode 8 next week!


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