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Terry (Da Vinchi) and Meech (Demetrius Flenory, Jr.) on 'BMF'

'BMF: Black Mafia Family' S1E5 "Secrets and Lies" Recap

'BMF: Black Mafia Family' S1E5 "Secrets and Lies" Recap

Here’s what you missed on BMF episode 5, “Secrets And Lies”…

We begin with Terry, his parents and his attorney sitting in a room across the table from the hospital’s attorney’s for a deposition discussing if there was malpractice during his eye surgery earlier in the season. But the hospital’s attorney’s bring up the fact that Terry is possibly a drug dealer and his eye could’ve gotten worse being in a dangerous occupation. Terry and his attorney are totally blindsided by the defense bringing that information up, and they call to have the deposition suspended to a later date. 

Meanwhile, Meech meets up with Pat to give him his money and try to part ways with him again but Pat wasn’t having it! He punched Meech in his stomach, told him to stay in his lane, threatened to kill him if he didn’t and kicked him out of his place. Meech went back to tell Terry to come up with a plan and was surprised when Terry said he wanted to take his eye surgery case to trial. Meech told him not to because it’ll put their business at risk, but he wants justice for what they did to her.

Before Terry left, Meech let him know he had a plan to get their stash back from Lamar by hitting him in his weak spot, which ended up being a kidnapping of his daughter Zoe. Meech previously dated Lamar’s babymama while he was in jail, so his plan was to pick Zoe up from school and tell her they were going to have a fun day together. She was excited and didn’t know she had been kidnapped the whole time. Meech had one of his foot soldiers give Lamar a note outside of Zoe’s school letting him know he’ll get his daughter back when Meech gets the stash and Lamar lost it!

He met up with the rest of the 12th Street gang letting them know what happened and instructing everyone to make it a priority to find Meech or where he lives, but nobody in town knew where Meech lived, not even Lamar’s baby mama. While 12th Street was looking to find Meech, Terry and the 50 Boyz pulled up on Slick, who Hood shot in the leg when they robbed the stash house last episode, and threw him in the trunk. They brought him to an abandoned building, and beat him up trying to get answers out of him about where the stash is but he wouldn’t give up any information.

Meech brought Zoe to Kato’s house to leave her there to watch cartoons, despite Kato not wanting her to stay. A few hours later, Lamar went over to Kato’s house trying to get answers out of her realizing that cartoons were playing on the television. So he looked through the house trying to find Zoe but she and Meech had just left out the back door minutes prior. Kato didn’t tell him anything and kept her loyalty to Meech, even though she’s the one who gave up the stash in episode 4.

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Meech drove over to the abandoned building they were holding Slick in and threatened to kill her and send her head to Lamar with a note saying Slick had a chance to save her but didn’t. And that was the final straw for Slick… he gave up the location and Meech let him go with Zoe.

Back at the Flenory household, Terry’s attorney lets him and his family know the hospital has proposed to settle, offering $25,000 but Terry’s parents don’t agree on what they should do. His dad wants to take the money while his mom wants to fight to get more and justice for her son. Terry later talks to his girlfriend about it and she thinks he should take the money so he can have something other than drug money.

Slick then returned Zoe to Lamar, and he brought her home to his baby mama. They had just been getting back on good terms and being a family, but now she’s seemingly done with him. She slammed the door in his face and told him to stay away from them for good.

The episode ends with Terry getting the coke from Big L and bringing it to his moms house, Meech met him in the room and Terry brought up feeling like he was tired of the lifestyle. They started discussing the people that had died due to their decisions, and their mom heard everything. She walked in on them and she started sobbing. Terry had previously told his mom he wasn’t a part of Meech’s business, and now he was caught in his lie.

Their lies and secrets were now all revealed.


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