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Snoop Dogg as Pastor Swift on BMF: BLACK MAFIA FAMILY

'BMF: Black Mafia Family' S1E4 "Heroes" Recap

'BMF: Black Mafia Family' S1E4 "Heroes" Recap

BMF (Black Mafia Family) has not disappointed! The dramatized version of the story of Demetrius (Meech) and Terry (Tee) Flenory, two brothers who created the most infamous drug distribution chain in Michigan has been a breakout hit for STARZ and in episode 4, “Heroes,” we get to know Meech and Tee a little better and meet a few new charactersas the tension between the 50 Boyz and 12th Street continues to heighten. So let's get into it! 

Meech and Terry have a new stash house in the suburbs, north of 8 Mile, so it's harder for anyone to know where they keep their drugs and money. But when B-Mickie doesn’t show up, and Kato and Hoop are there to deliver the money in his place, Meech starts trippin.' Kato says B-Mick’s mom is in the hospital but Meech is uninterested in any excuses. He didn’t want everyone knowing where the stash house was, but it was water under the bridge at that point. He took the money and headed to Pat’s to buy a new batch. 

Earlier in the episode, we see a flashback of Meech at a very young age getting played by two girls for using food stamps. Pat witnessed the whole thing, followed him out of the corner store, gave him some money and advised him to never let anyone embarrass him. That was their first encounter and the start of Pat and Meech’s relationship. 

Back in real time, Meech went to re-up with Pat and this time, he brought a bag of cash asking for 3 kilos of coke, wanting to pay for it upfront rather than being fronted, as usual. But Pat wasn’t having it. As we learned in episode 3, Pat wants to keep Meech and Tee under him opposed to letting them grow.

Meech confronted Pat’s right hand, Rock, about holding him and his brother back for no reason, and Rock says Pat fell off and doesn’t have the bandwidth to give them what they’re asking for. He offered to introduce Meech to a new supplier and Meech was hesitant but brought it up to Terry in the car. Meech let Tee know that Pat didn’t want to take the money or give them what they were asking for, and dished on the fact that Pat was getting high on his own supply. They discussed Rock’s offer but had different opinions on what they should do. Tee wanted to take the offer, while Meech wanted to find a supplier elsewhere so he didn’t directly cross Pat. 

Meanwhile the new drug task force had a meeting discussing both the 50 Boyz and the 12 Street gang as far as who was responsible for the disappearance of Jay Mo and who shot Terry in the eye. Detective Bryant tried protecting Meech and his crew by trying to put focus on Lamar, but the lead detective told everyone to go after both crews. 

In the midst of all that happening, Tee comes face to face with Lamar and the 12 Street gang as he’s shopping for his daughter’s christening. As they faced off in Foot Locker, Tee’s girlfriend, little sister and daughter showed up to meet him and the 12th Street gang walked away out of respect for his family. Lamar mentioned he knows how much it costs to take care of a baby and dropped cash at Tee’s feet.

But that didn’t stop Lamar from trying to ruin the 50 Boyz operation altogether. He showed up at their food truck and aired out to everyone in line that they were out of stone burgers, when they refused to give him one. They ended up having to close the food truck down that night, messing up their sales.

And while that was happening, unbeknownst to Meech and Terry, they were at a bar waiting to meet up with a new connect named Big L. They waited an hour and thought they got stood up after no one arrived. Tee wasn’t in the mood to party, not even after a beautiful woman tried starting a conversation with him. So Tee left the bar, and Meech stayed to party.

The next day, the 50 Boyz pulled up deep to the food truck just in case the 12 Street gang came back for more action. But Hoop questioned maybe that’s what they wanted them to think, and realized nobody was watching the stash house. He sped over to the suburbs to find that he was right. Somebody robbed the stash house, and took everything! Hoop started walking around to see all the damage done and he was met with bullets. 

Now Hoop is in a full shootout with no backup. They exchanged shots for a minute, but you could hear that the shooter ran out of ammunition. Hoop clipped him in the leg as he was trying to run away, but as he went to chase him out, Lamar appeared bussin’ shots directly at him! Just when it looked like it was about to be all over for Hoop, Kato saved him. She came around the corner of the living room firing at Lamar and he ran off. 

Since Big L seemingly flaked on the Flenory brothers, they set up a meeting with Rock to discuss getting a new connect through him. Rock charged them $20,000 for his referral and let them know they’ll be hearing about a meet up soon. 

For the first time of the season, we also learned that Meech has a daughter. He pulled up to his baby mama Lori’s house with some of her favorite snacks and she eventually let him in. But he spent all of 1 minute with the baby before he and Lori headed to the bedroom. Once they were done, she kicked him out of the house, telling him to call before he just pops up next time. Before leaving he invited her to Terry’s son’s christening later that week and she accepted the invitation. So it’s safe to say, they have a complicated co-parenting relationship. 

When it came time for the meet up with the new plug, they were instructed to meet him at an exclusive social club but their names weren’t on the list. They sat down at a table to wait, and a waiter brought them a note that said meet out back. As they opened the back door to exit, two men grabbed them at gunpoint and threw them into a van. When they were let out of the van, they were in a deserted area confronted by Pat and Rock, both holding shovels.

For the first time of the season, we also learned that Meech has a daughter."

Meech started pleading with Pat to leave Tee out of it, and surprisingly Pat lifted up the shovel and started beating Rock with it. Pat said Rock betrayed him and beat him to death in front of them. He then told Meech and Tee to clean up the mess. 

Though Pat kept them alive, they got into a fight after burying the body as to who’s fault the situation was. And if that wasn’t enough, they went and met up with B-Mick and Hoop the next morning to find that the stash house was robbed by Lamar and he got them for everything they had. Meech started to accuse B-Mick of the issue because he’s been MIA but he explained he was with his mom in the hospital and couldn’t be in two places at once. Terry and Meech know it was only 5 of them that knew where the stash was, and the only person not standing in front of them was Kato. But Hoop and B-Mick vouched for her, letting them know Hoop wouldn’t be alive if it wasn’t for Kato. 

As we know, Kato is the one snitching to Lamar after he cornered her in the bathroom in the previous episode. So when she went home, she was attacked by Lamar who was hiding in the corner of her room. He slammed her to the ground, put a gun in her mouth and threatened to kill her if she ever raised a gun to him again. She was so shook after he left, she went to B-Mick’s house for “some company.” They finally hooked up, after Kato previously kept telling him she didn’t want to get into any kind of situation with somebody in the crew. 

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The episode ends on a huge cliffhanger, as we witness the christening of Terry’s son. He could barely pay attention during the entire ceremony, as he kept having flashbacks of Pat killing Rock. The family gathered outside the church after the christening, realizing it was the first time they had all been together in awhile. But they joyous moment was cut short when Detective Bryant showed up asking Meech to come down to the station with him to talk about the killing of Jay Mo, who the police had just discovered at the bottom of the lake. 

Pastor Swift, who’s played by Snoop Dogg, asks the detective to give the family space as they just celebrated Tee’s son and since the detective didn’t have a warrant, Meech declined going with him. Their father was enraged and decided to not leave with the family, going his separate way again. 

Meech later shows up at the detective’s house, told him he didn’t kill Jay Mo and offered him money expressing that they need to stick together now more than ever. The detective initially declined, but Meech didn’t give him the option to say no. He warned him that the task force was going to be coming after him before Meech took off. 

In the meantime, Terry was making his own moves, meeting up with Big L. But to his surprise, Big L was the beautiful mystery woman from the bar earlier in the episode. She let him know that she liked the way he moved that night, and wants to do business with him but only wants to deal with him directly, not Meech or anybody else. 

Terry accepted the deal and we’re left with nothing but more anticipation for the next episode! 

What do you think will happen in episode 5?


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