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BEL-AIR actors (L-R) SIMONE JOY JONES and JABARI BANKS in Season 1, Episode 7

'Bel-Air' S1E7 "Payback's A B*tch" Recap

'Bel-Air' S1E7 "Payback's A B*tch" Recap

Bonds are broken, trust is lost and when things look like they can’t get any worse for Carlton...they do.

Things begin with Uncle Phil talking to Will about his relationship with Lisa, asking him to take a step back from her since her dad is now his competitor in the election. Lisa’s dad simultaneously talked to her about her relationship with Will on her way to school, asking her to stay away from him as well. Both Lisa and Will agreed, but are now secretly dating on the low. 

Over at the influencer house, Hillary learned that Kylo posted footage of her without her approval and she felt like it was oversexualized. One of her housemates let her know that anything filmed in the house is fair game for Kylo to use and Hillary is left in shock and embarrassed.

Meanwhile, Aunt Viv and Uncle Phil aren’t on the same page for Phil’s D.A run after his campaign manager revealed that they needed more money from their personal account, and Viv denies the request, but they already moved the money and she goes off on Phil for it. 

Carlton is still having troubles with Lacrosse, and one of his teammates, Connor, called him out for not playing well. The coach suggested Carlton get some extra work in with the scrimmage team, and Connor made a racist comment toward the rest of the team saying, “at least they can’t take one sport away from us.” During the next play, Carlton tackled Connor and broke his wrist and now the whole team is mad at him. 

Carlton confided in Will about what had happened, and Will gave him an idea to turn things around. He planned a party at the house to keep people on Carlton’s side, but Carlton’s hesitant about how it’ll go. Will lets him know they’re going to throw the party of the year and save Carlton’s reputation. 

Hillary shows her mom the video that Kylo released and asks if her dad can help her get out of her contract. Viv explains that Phil would do anything to save his baby but asks her wouldn’t it feel better if she rescued herself for once. Phil came into the living room and asked if everything was okay and Hillary decided to figure things out on her own. 

Viv is still pretty upset with Phil about taking money out of their account without discussing it, so she decided to put herself first and headed to an art show in San Diego. Phil tells Geoffrey to get some flowers or plan a nice dinner for when she gets back, but Geoffrey had some news to share with Phil too. Reid, played by Micheal Ealy, was also going to be at this art show, and Georffrey said he was someone they needed to worry about. 

In San Diego, Viv sat down to have a glass of champagne with Reid and he tells her people are really impressed with her and think she’d be a great candidate for the Neeman Artistic Fellowship and she was immediately elated. As they were chatting about the fellowship, to Viv’s surprise, Phil walked up and joined them. 

Phil pulled Viv to the side and told her he was there to support her since he didn’t like the way they left things, and she’s reserved about the situation but is happy he’s there. But not for long, as Reid walked up and Phil made things awkward by bringing up Reed’s past dating history and Viv is livid all over again. 

Will’s party for Carlton is a bit all over the place, but seems to be going well for Will and Hillary. Lisa came to see Will, and Jazz and Hillary were hitting it off. But Carlton isn’t having the best time, as one of his classmates, Aisha, who Will was trying to hook him up with, told him he doesn’t seem black enough. 

Will’s in his feelings about not being able to get Carlton out of his funk, and is struggling with being able to relate to Carlton’s experience of growing up in a predominantly white area, but Lisa gives him some perspective on Carlton’s experiences. 

Hillary got a notification that Kylo was at an influencer event, so she pulled up on him with Jazz  since he was dodging her calls and texts. She went with the intention of making him take the video down, but when a couple people recognized her as the “thirsty chef,” and Kylo told her Victoria Secret wanted to meet with her, she changed her tune. Later that night, she was offered $15,000 per post to continue being the “thirsty chef” and she agreed. When she went to the bar to tell Jazz, he pulled her card saying he didn’t know her dignity was for sale, and they got into a small argument leading Jazz to ask for the check and bounce. 

Lisa needed to charge her phone, so Will took her up to his room, and she learned a lot more about him by the photos he and things he had in his room. But when she started asking questions about getting to know him more, he seemingly recalled his conversation with Uncle Phil telling him not to tell her too much because her dad can use it against them. 

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Carlton was back in his room and got a text from one of his lacrosse friends who told him he was in the game room and had been looking for him. He went down to the game room and saw that a lot of his lacrosse friends were there, and said they were having a great time. Connor strolled in and Carlton finally stood up to him, saying he needed to apologize for all the racist things he’s said but Connor refused and said he was taking the party back to his house since Carlton was being wack. But, the guys all said they were staying at Carlton’s and Connor stormed out.

Aisha saw the whole thing, and pleasantly approved of Carlton sticking up for himself. But Will and Lisa missed the confrontation, as they were still upstairs in Will’s room. Lisa asked Will why he moved to Bel Air from Philly and he took his uncle’s advice and lied, telling her he just came for a better education. Carlton texted Will in the meantime, but he didn’t see it because he was hooking up with Lisa. 

Later in the night, Connor texted Carlton saying some “new guests” were about to arrive at his party, and the LAPD showed up. Carlton told everyone to calm down and started to approach the police to explain he lived there, but they stopped him and told him not to come any closer. 

Will and Lisa see the police lights through his bedroom window and Lisa says she can help by calling her dad. Will doesn’t want her to but she does anyways, and one call from her dad rectified the entire situation. But Carlton saw them come down from Will’s room, and he knows somethings up with them. The show closed with all of the guests leaving, and Carlton, Will and Lisa all just staring at one another, speechless. 


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