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'Bel-Air' S1E6 "The Strength To Smile" Recap

'Bel-Air' S1E6 "The Strength To Smile" Recap

Tray's abrupt return to West Philadelphia, has left Will with some hard feelings. And now, he's being trolled on social media.But it's not Carlton: its Tray online, calling Will "a snake." And Tray's venom is getting a lot of attention, much to Will's frustration. Uncle Phil has a talk with his nephew, urging him to push forward and refocus, as the family has a big event coming up.

Viv is hosting a fundraiser to raise money for lupus research and honor the memory of her sorority sister and BFF Gayle, and best friend. Things are not going as planned: the caterer cancels, so Viv recruits Hillary to keep the influencer house together. Hillary saves the day, cooking food and

Ashley is struggling with her feelings for Lucia. Romario and Lucia are at the event, mostly hanging out with Ashley, and Ash is trying really hard to impress Lucia. But her showing off misses its intended target, as Romario develops feelings for Ashley and Lucia seems to have a crush on Will. Once Ashley realizes Lucia's crush, she tells the pair that she has to do too much to keep them company and suggests they just go home. Hillary is still trying to help her little sister cope with her hurt feelings, and Ashley makes it clear that she is still uncomfortable with the idea of coming out to everyone.

Vivian also is struggling with her return to the art world. Reid comes to the event and that ruffles Phil, who is aware of what Broderick is up to. Phil urges Geoffrey to watch Reid. Phil also loses one of his campaign endorsements, and it’s because Fred has joined the race as an opponent.

Reid is lurking around when he comes across Viv’s unfinished pieces. Viv is aghast at first, this is quite. a violation; but Reid talks her into a wager: if Vivian puts her unfinished piece up in a silent auction, and it gets to $15,000, he will hire her to work in his gallery. But Viv accepts (with some trepidation.) Uncle Phil shows up to make sure Reid understands the depths of Phil and Vivian's marriage. Message received.

To further Hil's ambitions as a social media influencer, Kylo is pushing Hillary to post more, but with her working so hard for her mom, she doesn’t find the time. But she knows that she needs something to go viral so that she can push forward and not have to do the expecting, move back in with her family. So she decides to do a cooking video wearing lingerie.

Actress Coco Jones in SEASON 1, EPISODE 6 of BEL-AIR

Aunt Viv is preoccupied with Fred and Angela's history. Fred's first wife Gayle died in 2019, and Fred’s new wife met Fred in 2018 at an LAPD golf tournament. Viv is pondering whether or not Fred was cheating on his dying wife, and Viv's best friend, the entire time. Angela introduces herself to Will and starts spilling the beans on her and Fred. Geoffrey has discovered that it was Fred's maneuvering that got one of Phil’s endorsements pulled and Fred is planning to run against Phil.

Lisa has planned a poetry reading with Carlton for the event honoring her mother Gayle, and Lisa confided in him that she doesn't trust her stepmother Angela, who Lisa feels was trying to replace her mom. Will gets jealous after seeing Lisa and Carlton together, having their conversation, and gets icy towards Lisa. Lisa checked Will for his behavior; and complained to him about Angela's selfish intentions. But even this backfires, as Carlton sees Lisa and Will in conversation, and it leads to a drug binge in Carlton's bedroom.

In a drug-fueled emotional breakdown, Carlton accuses Will of betraying him before tearily apologizing. Will sits on the floor with his heartbroken cousin and offered to step in for him during Lisa’s reading. While talking with Will and Vivian, Angela inadvertently revealed she was having an affair with Lisa’s father while Gayle was still alive. She also tried to insert herself into this already planned event, leading to Vivian confronting Angela, and Angela and Fred leaving the event.

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It seems that the theme of this particular episode is shaky past allegiances. Will is forced to face the idea that he and Tray may be moving in separate directions; while Phil has to deal with the betrayal of his former friend and colleague Fred. Meanwhile, Aunt Viv's relationship with Reid has the potential for a myriad of problems.

Because of Reid’s anonymous $15,000, followed by Phil’s $20,000, Viv’s painting sells. But because of the wager that she made with Reid, it looks like Viv and Reid will be spending a lot more time together. Phil can't like that.

After the event, Lisa and Will talk by the pool; with Lisa taking a little joy in Aunt Viv going off on Angela. But Lisa doesn't understand why Will has been so distant. He explains that she doesn't need more drama in her life, and he feels that's what he'd bring. And Will also suggested that he should give her space. But that is something neither he nor Lisa truly wants. Because seconds later, they share a kiss.

Carlton can't like that.


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