Aesop Rock Announces 'Daylight' EP Reissue

Aesop Rock Announces 'Daylight' EP Reissue

Published Fri, February 9, 2024 at 12:20 PM EST

Aesop Rock has announced a reissue of his classic 2002 EP Daylight. The project is scheduled for release on 3/29 from Rhymesayers Entertainment, and will be available on vinyl, cassette, and CD.

The original EP contained eight songs including a bonus track, with production from EL-P, Clockhead, and Aesop. The original EP was also released only on CD and in digital formats, and the only available vinyl was in the form of a three song single. The new reissue marks the time that the EP will be available on vinyl in its entirety.

Originally released in 2002, the Daylight EP was the follow-up to Aesop Rock’s critically-acclaimed Labor Days album, a cult classic released only six months prior.

The EP was built around its titular opening song, “Daylight,” a standout track from Labor Days that has persevered as one of Aesop’s most beloved works, and continued expanding upon the range and depth of his multi-talented gifts for writing and producing.

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