Snoop Dogg Reveals Nipsey Hussle Ghostwrote For Him


Snoop Dogg posted a video across his social media on Wednesday (May 18) revealing that Nipsey Hussle wrote “Ten Toes Down” from Snoop's 2016 album Coolaid. Through a cloud of smoke, Snoop bops his head while listening to the track in the video.

“The late great @nipseyhussle wrote this for me. 10ToesDown.Coolaid.Album,' Snoop wrote in the post's caption. The track was produced by Carlos "Los" Mc Swain and comes from Snoop's fourteenth studio album.

Snoop and Nipsey collaborated many times on songs such as "Upside Down", "Gangsta Life" and "Question #1." Snoop also released a Nipsey tribute song, "Nipsey Blue" on August 15, 2020 which would have been Nipsey's 35th birthday. Snoop and Nipsey had a close friendship , and at Nipsey's memorial service Snoop revealed: "I didn't grow up with Nip as a kid, but I watched him grow up in front of me. I watched him grow into a full grown man, and an incredible business man."

Snoop described their first meeting as "a magnet coming together."

Check out "Ten Toes Down" below.