'Queens' S1E2 "Heart Of Queens" Recap

By Shayna Calandro

Queens is back with its second episode, “Heart of Queens” and the ladies storylines are getting deep!  In this episode, we learn how the group broke up throughout several different flashbacks, while simultaneously watching them navigate the group’s comeback in the present day.

The group was on top of the world back in 2001, and we see their last show in San Diego where Cam’ron comes out as a guest star right before Naomi breaks down on stage. She claimed she couldn’t be in the group anymore and announced the Nasty Bitches were over, dropping the mic and walking off stage. We find out, right before they went on stage that night, Naomi asked Eric to see their contracts because she felt like Valeria was getting better opportunities and more money than the rest of them. He wouldn’t show them the contract, but Valeria admitted she did get paid more, and that Eric chose her romantically instead of Naomi. The rest of the group didn't care much about the money difference but Naomi couldn't handle it.

Flash forward to Naomi still trying to get on better terms with her daughter, Jojo, we learn that Cam’ron is her father, and he’s just now figuring out that she’s his. Naomi previously told her daughter she didn’t know who the father was, but it looks like she knew all along and never told him. He confronts Naomi about it, asking her to confirm he’s right, but we don’t get an answer in this episode so it’ll be interesting to see how that unfolds this season.

Meanwhile, Muffin is in rehab in Montana, where Jill lives as well. Jill woke up in bed with her girlfriend and her husband was making breakfast in the kitchen. Jill was shocked to see him there after she came out and seemingly embarrassed and blindsided him. But he’s so in love wit her that he proposed they have a polyamorous relationship with all three of them involved. Jill explained to him that she’s not interested in being in a relationship with him anymore, and he tells her he’ll never stop loving her. As he leaves, there's a knock at her door, and Muffin is standing on her porch. She escaped rehab and convinced Jill not to send her back. They both fly to LA to get out of Montana for a while, and get back with the ladies.

Everyone ends up at Brianna’s house, who’s still trying to figure out if she’s going to leave her husband or not. While the ladies are talking about the group, Muffin tries to sneak out of Brianna’s house to go hang out with friends but she gets caught. During a heart to heart with Jill, they both realize they’re running from the truth about themselves. So Muffin decides to go back to rehab, and Jill promises to do a better job of being her true self, after she was shunned by her church and dragged in the media for coming out as a lesbian.

Since Naomi has reconnected with Cam’ron, on a business and friend level, he helped her get a meeting with some label executives about her solo career. At first, she felt disrespected as they only wanted her to write songs for the newer, younger artists, claiming they couldn’t market a 40-year-old folk singer. But when she performed in front of them, outside the meeting, they ended up changing their minds. However, the contract they gave her had a clause in it, stating she could no longer perform or be affiliated with the Nasty Bitches. 

At the end of the episode, it’s time for the group to perform back in San Diego at the same venue where they broke up 20 years ago, and Naomi is nowhere to be found. Brianna convinces Valeria and Jill that they should still go on stage without her. As the lights individually shine on each of them, Naomi makes it out on stage just in time and they all perform together again! It’ll be interesting to see if Naomi negotiated her contract to exclude the Nasty Bitches clause, or if she didn’t accept her dream deal of being a solo artist to stay loyal to her girls. 

What do y’all think is going to happen?