'Queens' S1E4 "Ain't No Sunshine" Recap

By Shayna Calandro

Another Week, another QUEENS episode! 

Episode 4, “Ain’t No Sunshine,” dug deep into the emotional side of each character. We see Bri deal with her husband’s death; Naomi debates whether she wants to tell her daughter who her father is; Jill’s guilty conscience gets the best of her; and Valeria comes to terms with why he and Naomi always had beef.

As the episode begins, we pick back up from where we left off in episode 3 as Bri lays next to her husband, Jeff, who she realized had passed in the bed while watching television. She finally sits up, and calls the police to report his death. Medical professionals showed up to her house in the middle of the night to take his body to the morgue and she watched as they laid his body on the stretcher and put him in the ambulance.

She couldn’t fall asleep for the rest of the night, but made pancakes for her kids in the morning. As they sat at the table as a family, they could tell something was wrong and she told them their dad had passed away.

While that’s happening, Eric pulls up to Naomi’s hotel room to let her know he listened to her old verse where it sounds like he’s the father of her daughter Jojo, but before he could say anything  they were interrupted by Bri’s text letting them know Jeff had passed.

Jill wakes up with her now mistress, the reporter from episode 3, and finds out her girlfriend is in LA to surprise her. She tells the reporter to get out but she doesn’t leave without letting her know that her relationship won’t last long. Jill also received a text from Bri during that time and rushes to leave the hotel.

All the girls plus Eric and Jill’s girlfriend show up to Bri’s house to support her in her time of grief but learn that Bri has yet to cry over his death, and tells them she felt like Jeff “got off easy” by dying and not having to make things right after his infidelity. She added he left her with another mess to clean up with a smile on her face.

Jeff’s mistress, Alexis, keeps calling his phone but Bri doesn’t want to answer and the girls argue over what’s right or wrong thing to do. Naomi sided with Bri, that the girl didn’t deserve anything from Bri. While Valeria and Jill claimed she deserved to know because she wasn’t the wrong person in the cheating act, Jeff was.

Valeria later takes the situation into her own hands, and goes to Alexis’ house to tell her the news personally. Mostly because she found out earlier in the episode that she was the “side piece” or “second choice” in Eric’s life after finding out that he loved Naomi first but she wanted to keep him a secret.

When she arrived at Alexi’s house, she told her the news and learned that she was in love with Jeff. Alexis started to sob before Valeria left so consoled her. But not for too long, when Alexis asked about the funeral information. Valeria wouldn’t give it to her, told her to move on and left.

Eric confronted Naomi again asking why she never told him that JoJo was his daughter. She explained she found out she was pregnant the day the group broke up 20 years ago and he was with Valeria so she figured his life was his, and her life was hers. Eric replied wanting to know when he could tell Jojo he’s her father but Naomi said she’s going to do it on her time, and not a second earlier.

Meanwhile, Jill is still acting funny about cheating on Tina and she can feel the vibes are off. As they were shopping for a casket for Jeff, Tina asked what was up with her. Jill hesitantly responded; claiming she isn’t herself without Tina and asked her to move in with her, instead of telling her the truth about the reporter. Tina was seemingly elated and accepted!

The night before the funeral, Bri has another sleepless night trying to find the words to say about Jeff and screamed at the top of her lungs when she couldn’t think of anything besides his adultery.

The next morning, all the girls meet Bri at her house to go to the funeral together and the funeral was nothing short of eventful…

Jill confessed her infidelities to the priest, and he tells her she’s an inspiration. Valeria sat next to Naomi and apologized about everything from their past then expressed if she was JoJo she would want to know and she should tell her about Eric being her father. They shared a nice moment of friendship, as if their long standing beef had finally been put to rest.

The biggest drama began when Alexis showed up at the funeral. Bri walked to the back of the church, tackled her and beat her up! The girls had to pull her off of Alexis and carried Bri to the back room of the church to calm down. The girls all started to laugh for a second then Bri asked to talk to Alexis face to face. The rest of the women leave the room so they can have a conversation.

While they’re waiting outside the door, Jill told Tina she slept with someone else. Tina, seemingly unfazed, claimed she already knew and was waiting for her to admit it to her. Tina surprisingly said she could get past the cheating if it’s out of Jill’s system, but Jill told her she didn’t know what she wanted.

Naomi and Bri listened outside the door and busted through the door when they heard Bri crying, but when they entered they saw she was in Alexis’ arms crying for the first time over her husband’s death.

She finally figured out what to say about her husband at that moment, and they all went back into the church.

As all that went down, Naomi decided to tell JoJo about her father and sat her down with Eric. They didn’t give much away in this episode about how Jojo and Eric reacted but I’m sure we’ll see their relationship grow as the season progresses!

Bri finally delivered her speech, and it was beautiful and real. At the end, she let Alexis go up to the open casket with her and Alexis started to cry, then shockingly threw up in the casket. Everyone was disgusted, but Bri’s only question was, “Are you pregnant?”

Whew, the show is getting real! This episode was by far my favorite from the sisterhood, to the drama and the realness of it all. What’d y’all think about episode 4?