'Queens' S1E13 "2022" Recap

By Shayna Calandro

In the previous episode of Queens, the ladies ended off rapping in the studio together, and the season finale picked up right where we left off with Naomi, Jill and Valeria in the studio. Each Queen spit a verse about what they were going through from Naomi raising her daughter to Jill valuing her life and Valeria glowing up! But the good feels were cut short when the ladies started to miss Bri. 

They went back and forth about whether they should really put out new music without their forth Queen, after Naomi posed the question. Then, Valeria opened up to everyone about not being so sure about touring on her own, even though she previously said she wanted to put her solo tour on hold. She continued to tell the ladies that she broke up with Tomas for good because she realized she doesn’t want children and neither of them wanted to resent each other. While it was a sad moment, it meant a step forward for Nasty Girl Records since the tour was back on. 

Meanwhile, Eric is planning to propose to Naomi after they finally got on the same page in their relationship in episode 12. He told Jojo and she reminded him that Naomi will probably go crazy at first, and he was prepared for that. As they're talking about it, Naomi walks in and Eric quickly hides the ring.

Lauren is still pursuing becoming a lawyer, and met with death row inmate advocates to get some hands on learning. She finds out about a young man named Ronnie Mills who’s been sentenced to death but claims he’s innocent. Lauren inquires with the group if they believe he did it or not, and they say she can ask him herself.

When she meets him a couple days later, she further learns that his case is very thin and wants to help him, and while he was enthusiastic about meeting with her, he doesn’t have much hope that she can help at all. She asked him a few questions and he explained the shooting was in self defense. Lauren believes him and wants to take on his case. She even commented to the media outside of the jail that she was passionate about helping Ronnie and other death row inmates. 

Eric takes Naomi to a romantic dinner, with the intention of proposing, and Naomi notices that he’s nervous. When he finally got the courage to start his proposal speech it was cut off by Jojo calling Naomi several times crying. 

The two go back home to check on Jojo, and find out that Cameron is petitioning for paternal custody over her. Eric is livid, and asks Naomi if it’s possible that Jojo isn’t his, and she basically says she’s not 100% sure but believes Eric is the father. He tried to console her, but she didn’t want it and walked away. Eric proceeded to look at the ring he was about to give her in dismay. 

Things got even more skeptical after Naomi, Jojo and Eric opened up about the situation to the others. Naomi talked to Jill about it, Eric told Valeria he wishes he didn’t want to know but does, and Jojo talked to Lauren who let her know she doesn’t have to do anything she doesn’t want to do. Adding that legally, since Jojo is over 18, Cameron can’t make her take a test.

Jojo also told Lauren about Eric’s proposal, and Lauren explains she shouldn’t make a decision based on anyone else. 

Naomi and Eric decide to let Jojo take the lead on what they do with the Cameron situation, but then Eric gets a call that the Nasty Bitches are being inducted into the Hall of Fame. While it was an unforgettable moment, the ladies decide they should only do it if Bri comes back and they send her a text. 

Bri was hesitant when she received the message, but ended up texting back that she was in and everyone was excited for her return from Costa Rica! 

Later that day, back at Naomi’s house, Eric tells Valeria and Naomi that Bri has pulled out of the Hall Of Fame appearance, but gave her blessing for them to accept the award without her. 

Then adding salt to the wound of the moment, Jojo came downstairs and told Eric she wants to move forward with the paternity test so she never has to wonder what the truth is. 

In the meantime, Lauren has been calling everyone she knows trying to spread the word about Ronnie’s execution, asking people to post about it online and even called out the Governor of Nevada on TV asking him to review Ronnie’s case personally. The hashtag #JusticeForRonnie started to trend on social media but that wasn’t enough for Lauren. 

Shortly after, she got a call from the Governor, who wanted to meet with her in person. She flew back to Nevada ready to plead her case for Ronnie, but the Governor didn’t show up for the meeting and seemingly refused to reschedule. Lauren was so discouraged that she briefly decided to quit helping, thinking she couldn’t get the right people to listen to her. 

Jill tried to remotivate Lauren letting her know that without her, Ronnie will definitely be executed but he has a chance with her help. But Lauren vulnerably revealed that she felt worse than when she was using drugs. 

Naomi, Jill and Valeria met up later on to choose a replacement for Bri at the Hip Hop Hall Of Fame performance and they all agree it should be Lauren, since she’s family to them. The ladies ask Lauren and she’s honored but says they need to freshen up their choreography if she joins. They all agree and she accepts! 

At the Hall Of Fame induction, Lady Z introduces the group, and personally thanks them for being a guiding light for where she was in her career. A video on stage starts to play and it’s Trina also congratulating the Queens for everything they’ve done to get to this point, and then the video changes and Bri is on screen. She gushes over how proud she is of them and how much they all mean to her and then the Queens, along with Lauren, take the stage for the first time together as the “new” Queens. 

Lauren took the opportunity to continue to help Ronnie, kicking off the performance with talking to the audience about death row inmates, and more specifically Ronnie’s execution. She announced the Governor of Nevada’s phone number and instructed everyone to call him nonstop so they could help save Ronnie’s life. 

The Queen went on to slay their performance and got a standing ovation from the crowd! 

Backstage, Jojo gave Eric the engagement ring and got down on one knee to propose to Naomi and it was a beautiful moment with Jojo, Jill, Valeria and Lauren watching. 

Fast forward to four months later, Naomi is in a stunning wedding dress walking down the aisle and she and Eric say their “I Do’s” in front of their daughter, family and friends.

After the beautiful union, all the ladies sat down to talk about how well everything was going in their lives. The label was doing well, Jill was doing a great job signing new talent, Valeria’s solo tour was a success, and Lauren was admitted into USC after writing a piece on Ronnie’s case. 

Valeria expressed that while everything was great, she still missed performing as a group together. Then the ladies got a text from Bri and it was a cute picture of all four of them. 

Fast forward some more, a billboard of “Queens 2022 World Tour” lights up at Madison Square Garden and Naomi, Jill and Valeria take the stage as their names are announced. As the DJ is about to announce the fourth member, a spotlight shines, and then the stage goes dark and that’s the end of Queens Season 1! 

Who do y’all think it will be? Does Bri come back in season 2, or did they move forward with Lauren as the fourth Queen of the group?