'Queens' S1E12 "Let the Past Be the Past" Recap

By Shayna Calandro

In episode 12, the show opens with Naomi and Eric finally on the same page, they’re cuddled up discussing all of the positives in their lives and Eric asks Naomi if they can take the next step in their relationship, but she’s still hesitant. But he promised her that he would prove he’s worthy of her trust. 

Meanwhile, Valeria finds out that her new song topped the Latin charts! Thomas showed her that she was number 1, and she got emotional expressing that she felt like she had it all in that moment with her husband, a number 1 solo record and an upcoming tour. But they were in the waiting room of a doctor’s office so Valeria could get a physical before tour, and things took a turn. 

The doctor sat down with Valeria and Thomas and let them know that everything looked good except for her ultrasound which showed potential signs of uterine cancer. 

Everyone met up for a Nasty Girls Records meeting, and everyone congratulates Valeria on topping the charts. The label still doesn’t have much money but her new single should help them get some revenue so everyone was happy. Valeria thanked everyone but was still seemingly thinking about her possible diagnosis. She didn’t tell the group about it, but they all realized something was off.

Eric also proposes a 20-year anniversary celebration to generate more money for the label as well, suggesting they re-release the Queens first album and add some of the new songs to it. But the ladies gave some push back, as they weren’t sure that they wanted to do that without Bri. Muffin chimed in reminding them that they need the money, and they consider calling Bri about it. 

Then, everyone circled around the television in the living room as coverage of Jill’s ex-husband’s trial was airing. He was found guilty on all charges and was going to prison for a long time, but before anyone could “celebrate” that justice had been served, they released his final court statement which was a direct message to Jill saying that she will pay for everything she did to him and she was shook. 

Valeria went back to the doctor’s office the next day and found out that she luckily didn’t have cancer but the doctor let her know that she had fibroids and needed surgery pretty quickly, adding that she might need a hysterectomy. Valeria was relieved that she didn’t have cancer but was now worried that if she could still go on tour or not. With that on her mind, the doctor brought up another serious matter, asking Valeria and Thomas if they wanted to have children because the ability for her to give birth would begin to decline. 

Later that day, Valeria opened up about wanting children if Thomas does, even if that means not going on tour as scheduled. 

Jill and Muffin went out and to their surprise they saw Tina, Jill’s ex-girlfriend. Jill was shocked to see her in LA and Tina seemed like she was doing great. It was an awkward encounter, and got even more awkward when Tina introduced them to her new girlfriend, Chantelle. 

Jill and Tina spoke privately and Tina let Jill know that she was completely over her, and felt bad for her opposed to feeling angry anymore. And adding salt to the wound, she told Jill she believes she would end up alone and Jill was fully taken aback. 

When they went back to the studio, Muffin told Jill that she needs to let go of the shame and guilt she feels and put it into her music so she can move on. And that’s exactly what Jill did. She got in the booth and spit bars about her and Tina’s relationship and even apologized to her in the song. 

When it was finished, Jill text the song to Tina and she listened it to with a smile on her face. 

In the meantime, Eric is still trying to figure out how to get more revenue for Nasty Girl Records, and secretly meets with his ex-wife, Robin. We find out that she owns rights to the master’s of the Nasty Girls first album. She seemed like she had no problem giving them back but then Jojo called Eric, and Robin finds out he had a daughter with Naomi the whole time they were married and she was so livid she got up and left the restaurant. 

Later at the house, Naomi tells Eric they need to follow through with the 20th Anniversary idea to get them some money, because Valeria came clean about her health issues and wanting to start a family with Thomas, so they needed to put her tour on pause. Eric told Naomi about Robin owning the master’s and she disappointed with him all over again.

Naomi and Robin meet up, and Naomi asks what she wants in return for the master’s, but Robin has a lot of questions of her own about Naomi and Eric’s past relationship. Naomi tried to reassure Robin that there was no overlap between them dating and him being married to her, but Robin admitted that she knew about Naomi. She told a story about how she found a letter he wrote to Naomi while they were still married, explaining that he wrote “it’s always been you, it will forever be you.”

Naomi could relate to Robin’s hurt, and apologized to her. 

When Naomi got back home, she told Eric that she got the master’s back from Robin, and they embraced each other. Naomi finally told Eric that she loved him too! 

During the 20th Anniversary celebration, the ladies acknowledged all of their accomplishments but couldn’t help but to miss Bri not being there as well. Then the crowd began to cheer their names and it all clicked for them… the next day they got back in the studio and finally started making new music together.