LL COOL J Explains Why He Chose Tyler, the Creator For Cultural Influence Award

By Kiani Belgrave

LL COOL J presented the first-ever Rock The Bells Cultural Influence Award at the 2021 BET Hip-Hop Awards to Los Angeles emcee Tyler, the Creator, for his contributions to hip-hop music and culture with his innovation and eccentric style. 

Rock The Bells and LL COOL J got the chance to kick it with Fat Joe backstage before the BET award ceremony. The two spoke about Tyler’s imprint in hip-hop culture, bridging the gap, and LL’s upcoming studio album produced by Q-Tip. 

When Fat Joe asked, “Why Tyler out of all people,” LL responded, “One thing about Tyler is, he’s original, he does what the fuck he wants to do, he says what he wants to say. And he don’t care what nobody thinks about what he does. That’s the most hip-hop shit.”

As the conversation turned into “passing the torch,” the two New York emcees explained they intend to use their place as OG’s to usher emerging artists into the right direction. “It’s important for our generation to pass the baton to the youth and let them know we see what they doin’ and appreciate what they doing,” Fat Joe explains. “It’s very important the culture keeps going in the right light. 

LL looks at passing the baton more as “lighting the candle,” LL clarifies that he wants to see emerging artists prosper, but he is still here. “Yo candle light his candle, we still lit though,” LL exclaims. 

The Queens legend is definitely here to stay. As he previously announced on his appearance at Jimmy Kimmel, LL is working on a brand new studio album with Q-Tip. “Ya man Q-Tip gave me some things, B,” he tells Joe. 

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