Lil Jon Says Busta Rhymes Would 'Smoke' JAY-Z in a Verzuz

By Kiani Shabazz

Jay-Z has fans and artists alike debating on social media as to who could stand toe-to-toe with the rapper in a Verzuz battle after he claimed he would be "untouchable" in the ring. 

Atlanta producer, Lil Jon, was one of the many to chime in on who he thinks can face Hov in the world-famous music battle. 

“BUSTA WILL SMOKE JAY-Z,” Lil Jon wrote in all caps in the comment section of an Instagram post reporting on JAY’s Verzuz claim.

Busta Rhymes told Complex he would go against JAY-Z in a battle if the opportunity presented itself earlier this year. Busta said that he’s battle-ready but it has to be an opponent that can match his extensive catalog. 

“I would love to spar against anybody,” Bussa Buss said. “As long as their catalog is a powerful catalog because I don’t want to do a corny Verzuz.” 

“I would love to do a Verzuz with Eminem, I would love to do a Verzuz with Lil Wayne,” he added. “ I would love to do a Verzuz with Hov.” 

Do you agree with Lil Jon’s Verzuz sentiments? Stay tuned for more Verzuz and other hip-hop news.