KRS-One Releases Short Film With Five Brand New Songs


Coming off the heels of his spirited performance at the latest Verzuz battle against fellow hip-hop pioneer Big Daddy Kane, KRS-One is back with an audacious new single, reminding the game that he is here and never left. 

On October 24, just days after he stole the show in Madison Square Garden, Teacha blessed fans with an exclusive short film called Save The Studio posted to his Youtube channel. The film features five brand new songs from KRS-One, including “Krazy,” the movie’s promotional single and music video, where Teacha spits at the top of his game, solidifying his GOAT status in our culture. 

Save The Studio follows a studio engineer who is confronted with an eviction notice, who needs the help of his old friend, KRS-One, to produce three hit singles in hopes of saving his studio before being kicked out. 

Check out KRS-One’s new single, “Krazy,” along with his short film Save The Studio.