Kanye West and Drake Squash Beef at a Party in Drake's Toronto Home

By Kiani Shabazz

It seems as if Drake and Kanye West’s beef has come to an end after years of their tumultuous relationship. Ye posted a photo on Tuesday (November 16), posing with Drake and J. Prince, captioned with the dove of peace emoji. Drake also shared a video with Ye to his personal Instagram account, as the two partied at Drake’s Toronto home with Dave Chappelle.

This meeting comes after Ye’s recent public invitation to Drake asking him to join him for a joint concert in Los Angeles on December 7 in support of freeing Gangster Disciple founder Larry Hoover from prison. “It’s time to put it to rest,” Ye said to Drake in the video as he stood next to J. Prince.

Just a day after Larry Hoover Jr. shared a post to his Instagram along with Drake and J. Prince, hinting at a truce between the two rap titans.  

After a decade-long beef and shots fired during each of their album rollouts, it appears that Drake and Kanye West have agreed to finally lay down the hatchet. What do you think about Drake and Kanye West’s beef coming to an end? Stay tuned for more news on this and other hip-hop news.