Public Enemy Comments On Their Legal Dispute

By Kiani Belgrave

Chuck D and Flavor Flav have made history together as hip-hop pioneers as the trailblazing duo Public Enemy. After 30 years in the game, the two have had a relationship with ups and downs. However, the two have not performed together since Flav sued Chuck D and BTN Eastlink in 2017.

In a recent interview with TMZ Flavor Flav made some comments about where the iconic rap duo’s relationship stands. 

Flavor Flav says, “There’s some things that Chuck D needs to work out with me. Once he comes up to the table and signs this partnership agreement, then we can work. If he doesn’t sign this partnership agreement, then we ain’t working. That’s my boy and that’s my family, but business-wise we ain’t seein’ eye-to-eye. I’m trying to get Chuck to come see eye-to-eye with me. I’m not the hold up with this Public Enemy project,” he explains. “I’m not the hold up. Chuck D is the hold up, and I want everybody to know Chuck is the hold up and not Flavor Flav. Everybody, tell Chuck to sign the partnership!”

Chuck D responded to Flavs remarks in an interview with HipHopDx, calling the claims “tired and stupid” out of frustration in regards to their ongoing feud.