'BMF: Black Mafia Family' S1E6 "Strictly Business" Recap

By Shayna Calandro

On BMF Episode 6, “Strictly Business,” boundaries are crossed, loyalties are broken and the Flenory family continues on their downward spiral!

As y’all remember in episode 5, Meech and Lamar’s beef grew to new heights when Meech “kidnapped” his daughter. Well, even though Meech sent her back home, Lamar still wants retaliation. In this episode, he rolls up on Meech at the corner store aiming a shotgun at him in broad daylight. But Meech was saved by his crew who was nearby, and started shooting at Lamar. He realized he was outnumbered and fled the scene.

But that wasn’t the last of Lamar’s attempts at revenge. He showed up at Terry’s school with a gun but ended up fleeing before doing anything. Then he met up with the rest of the 12 Street gang with a plan to distract Meech’s bodyguard so he could have him alone, but to his surprise, Tiny (who he choked out with his belt in the last episode) wasn’t for the revenge plan on Meech. He put a gun to Lamar’s head after he threatened to choke him again, and the rest of the gang followed suit, pulling their guns on Lamar. They seemingly voted Lamar out as their leader. Slick was the only one who stayed loyal to Lamar, pulling his gun out on the rest of the gang. But the situation de-escalated when they saw the police.

Later on, Lamar tried to smooth things over with Monique and Zoe so they can work on being a family again, but he made things even worse. When Monique rejected him, he went crazy outside the house and Zoe saw his entire meltdown.

Once he realized he was causing more pain outside of Monique’s, he headed over to meet with Slick to figure out how to get back at Meech. Lamar suggested they kill someone close to him, instead of actually taking him out. Slick wasn’t feeling the plan so he grabbed his bag to leave, but Lamar stabbed him to death before he could get out, and Tiny later discovered his body as a message.

At the end of episode 5, their mom learned that they had been lying to her about Terry’s involvement in selling drugs. Well, we find in episode 6 that she’s locked herself in her room from being so devastated about the news. Meech tried everything to help his mom, even finding his dad to assist them. But Charles couldn’t get through to her either at first. He had no idea what was going on so Terry told his father everything. Charles immediately blamed Meech and after taking some heat, Meech let them know it may be a good idea for them to get out of town for a while.

Lucille finally comes out of her room to talk to her husband and they decide the best thing for them to do is try to get Terry out of the drug game. They agreed that they would take the money the hospital had offered previously and send Terry away for college, but once they met with their attorney they found out the offer had expired, leaving them with nothing.

Outside of family drama, Meech and Terry had some business drama as well.

They needed to switch up their strategy and after a lot of back and forth they finally agreed to wholesale but things didn’t go as planned when Meech met with Tiny’s cousin, Q. He didn’t want to work with them though because he heard how they did Pat. However, Meech wasn’t taking no for an answer. He confronted Tiny and convinced him to plan a meeting between him and Q so they could work something out. Q met Meech at a gambling house and he impressed him so much that Q agreed to do business with them.

While this was a big win for them, they also had some other things in motion simultaneously. Before Meech had landed the new partnership, Terry suggested they start moving like Pat and give people in their crew supply to sell for them. They decided to give B Mickie a brick first and Terry went to his house. Kato was there and hid in the closet before he came in so they could keep their intimate relationship on the low. But after offering B Mick the brick on consignment, he saw a woman’s jacket, seemingly knowing it was Kato’s.

Eventually Terry let the rest of the crew know they would have their own cut to sell and the profits would go back to him and Meech. But it wasn’t long before Lamar caught wind, and showed up to one of the corners, and robbed them for all they had. Once Meech and Terry found out it was Lamar, they realized they needed to handle that situation for the sake of their business.

This led to Terry telling their crew that there would be no more “50 Boyz.” Now they were all individually responsible for their own stuff and bringing back the money to Meech and Terry. Then, Meech came up with a new name for them, “The Family.”

B Mickie stepped to Meech with the concern of not being included as much and found out that Terry sold him a brick instead of just giving it to him like Meech insisted. When he confronted Terry about it, he told him B Mickie wasn’t their equal so he decided to sell it to him instead.

But B Mickie had his own plans anyways, he later confided in Kato telling her he was planning to break away from Meech and Terry and she says she’s with him 100%.

We also get to know Meech and Terry’s sister, Nicole, a little better. She lets Terry know earlier in the episode that she hates being watched by the bodyguard’s. And we also meet the boy she likes, Darius. At the end of the episode Nicole and Darius decide to sneak away from the bodyguards for some alone time. But before they knew it, Lamar cornered them, telling Nicole something happened to her brother so she needed to come with him. He grabbed her and when Darius tried stopping him, Lamar stabbed Darius twice. Nicole got away, Lamar pulled off and Nicole screamed for help as Darius bled out in the street.

A lot happened in this episode, and with only two episodes left in the season, I can only imagine what else we’ll see unfold with Meech and Lamar’s continuous beef!