'BMF: Black Mafia Family' S1E8 "The King of Detroit" Season Finale Recap

By Shayna Calandro

Alright y’all, we made it to the finale of BMF! It’s been a fairly short season but each episode has been packed with action and drama… and episode 8, “The King Of Detroit,” followed suit, ending with a bang!

In the last episode, we saw Kato agree to help Lamar kill Meech, but she came clean to B Mickie about her involvement with him and seemingly convinced him to help her kill Lamar instead. Well, at the start of the latest episode, we saw Kato and Lamar meet to discuss a plan of attack on Meech and Kato let him know Meech wouldn’t have much security with him when he re-upped with the new plug. As Lamar drove away, we saw B Mickie in the cut, and he followed him in his car to execute their plan to kill Lamar first.

However, before B Mickie could follow through, he was pulled over by the police, and arrested as apart of the D.R.A.N.O case. Then we saw detectives bust into Terry’s high school to arrest him, and they also cuffed Meech on the porch of his baby mama’s house. They took everyone in for questioning about Detective Lopez’s murder, including the rest of the 50 Boyz crew and corner boys.

For a moment while they were all in a waiting cell, they wondered where Kato was but she strolled in shortly after, cuffed as well. The cops didn’t have any reason to keep any of them detained though, so they had to let them all go. But now Commander Beckwith wanted the taskforce to follow their every move… except for Detective Bryant who she put on desk duty until further notice considering she thinks he’s a dirty cop.

Since Terry voiced his concerns about Kato, Meech wanted to get to the bottom of where her loyalty lied. So once they were released from questioning, he took her with him to see how she was feeling. He ended up asking her about how she got into the drug game and this is where she messed up. She opened up to Meech about her father, but lied about what gang he was in so Meech wouldn’t find out that he used to run with Lamar back in the day.

Meech got a call while they were talking, and found out where Lamar’s location was so he and Kato drove over to meet with some of the other guys in the crew to run up on Lamar. But when they got to the mortuary where Lamar got his bullet wound stitched up, he was already long gone.

Meanwhile, Lucille and Charles met with the lawyer again about Terry’s eye, and she had good news. She found the nurse who was in the procedure who confirmed she smelled alcohol on the surgeon’s breath during surgery. When she took the evidence to the hospital threatening to go public, they offered another settlement of $230,000. After fees and taxes, they would get $150,000 but just needed Terry’s signature.

Terry went back with his parents to sign the paperwork but they were all stunned when the fine print included that nobody could touch the money until Terry turned 18-years-old. They were all clearly upset about the protocol and stormed out.

Before going back home, Charles took Lucille and Terry to a house and showed them the man who lived in the house owned the four cars in the driveway and was selling them along with his car service company. He proposed they buy it from him with the settlement check claiming it would be a good investment and the perfect family business. Lucille added that it could be Terry’s way out of the drug game. Terry told them he liked the idea but needed time to think about it.

While Terry was thinking about what to do next, Meech was coming up with different ideas for expansion of their business. Meech had Kato and another soldier sell product out of the corner store on the eastside, to get the attention of Boom, who ran the eastside.

Boom’s right hand, Saint, pulled up on them at the corner store to size them up and kick them off their territory. But as planned, Meech interfered and told him they had an offer for his boss. After some resistance, Saint set up the meet for Meech for Boom. When Meech got there, the two already knew each other and talked about working together, but before Meech left he asked Boom if he knew C-Love, Kato’s dad. He said he knew he was crazy and ran with the Delray Boys, not the BK’s who Kato said. He also confirmed C-Love used to run with Lamar.

Later on, B Mickie met with Meech and he praised B Mickie’s loyalty to him and Terry over the years. Then, even though he promised Kato he wouldn’t say anything, B Mickie confessed to Meech that Kato was working with Lamar. Meech revealed he already knew and was testing him. But B Mickie explained they had a plan to kill Lamar together and while Meech thought the idea was dumb, he used it as a distraction to get Lamar right where he wanted him.

Meech met up with Terry and left out the conversation he had with B Mickie but they discussed re-upping with Big L and getting more product. Meech tried convincing Terry to bring him to meet Big L even though they knew Big L only wanted to work with Terry directly. Meech finally persuaded Terry to bring him along but it went worse than they thought it would. When Big L saw Meech, she gave him a moment to speak but quickly humbled him when she and her body guards held him at gunpoint before kicking him out of her warehouse. She scolded Terry reminding him of their agreement and told him they could continue to grow each of their businesses as long as she’s only dealing with him. It was all worth it though because she gave them the extra product they asked for.

It was finally time for the Lamar plan to roll out, and just as they predicted, Lamar got to the spot early and saw B Mickie come out when Meech pulled up. He knew Kato tried to set him up, and he found her at a club, and dragged her out with a gun pointed at her stomach. When he walked her out, he was met with Meech outside with a gun aimed at his head. Lamar threatened to shoot Kato and B Mickie popped out also holding a gun aimed at Lamar’s head. Meech told Lamar they didn’t care about Kato because she knew she crossed them, and Lamar and Kato were both shocked he knew they’d been working together.

Lamar turned his gun on Meech and before he could say or do anything, Meech pulled his trigger shooting Lamar in the abdomen. Everyone outside the club started to run away, including Kato. Meech stood over Lamar as he was bleeding out and watched him suffer until his death. Kato thought she was getting away, but B Mickie stopped her in her tracks, still aiming a gun at her. She pleaded for him not to kill her, and reminded him that she loved him. He shot her in the head as he said, “love you too boo.”

Meech and B Mickie heard the police coming and fled the scene, dipping off to his parents house where they drank and talked about what just happened. B Mickie seemed resentful toward Meech as he expressed he really loved Kato and killed her for him. Meech told him it was better he did it now then let her break his heart later.

Lucille came down the stairs wondering why they were there. She noticed B Mickie was drunk and told him to sleep on the couch. Then realized the guards were no longer in front of her house. She brought it up to Meech and he let her know they no longer had anything to worry about, but Lucille was furious because she knew he did something wrong. She told him she didn’t know who he was anymore, before telling him to leave.

The next day, Terry had his parents over to let them know he wanted to move forward with the car service company but as he was telling them, Wanda was walking out with their son Terry Jr. When he asked where they were going she said he was taking too long to choose between them and selling drugs. She said she was going to stay with her cousin in Pennsylvania for a few months and Terry wasn’t trying to have it. He tried stopping them from leaving, but his parents intervened. Charles told Terry he couldn’t keep her there unwillingly and walked Wanda out to her car.

As the finale came to an end, Meech met with Terry to give him a BMF chain as they officially changed their crew name to Black Mafia Family. But Terry had some bad news for Meech. He told him he wanted to create a real legacy for their family and his son, so he wanted out of the business. He confirmed he was starting a car service business with their dad, and Meech argued that Terry couldn’t just leave him. But Terry made his point clear and walked off on his brother. Meech took it as him turning his back on him.

Then we fast forward to 2005, and meet an older Meech who’s in prison reflecting on his past. 

This finale left me anticipating season 2 already! I can’t wait to see what happens in the next chapter of Meech and Terry’s story, especially from Meech’s perspective. What was your favorite part of episode 8, “The King Of Detroit?”