Is Black Star Preparing to Drop A New Album?

By Kiani Belgrave

Yasin Bey and Talib Kweli of the classic New York hip-hop duo Black Star have been teasing some new music for a while now, and it seems like we are inching closer to getting a new album from the Brooklyn emcees. 

In 2019, Talib announced that the duo had an album produced by Madlib that was finished and on the way. Only a year later, Talib will frustratedly reveal that the album’s release is being held up because “culture vultures” are standing in the way. 

“I’m tired of being silent about this. I tried my best y’all. Flew around the globe. Paid for this out of pocket. All for the culture. I’m a fan of Black Star too. I want to see this come out as bad as y’all do, or more,” Kweli said in a statement. “ But people who never made a beat, never wrote a rhyme in they life got they fingers in the pie and are being disrespectful to what me and my brothers built. It’s in God’s hands now. I’m on to other things, life is too short to be disrespected by culture vultures. Maybe y’all will get to hear this album after I’m gone,” he said.

The duo previewed a new single bacn in May of Talib Kweli and Dave Chapelle’s podcast The Midnight Miracle. Earlier this week, Dave Chappelle released his controversial Netflix special, The Closer, with a 45-second intro of a new Black Star track produced by Madlib. The song’s title and release date have yet to be announced, but fans are hopeful that this is some indication of the return of Black Star. 

Check out the snippit fans are calling "Tribute" below.