'Bel-Air' S1E8 "Nobody Wins When the Family Feuds" Recap

By Shayna Calandro

...things seemingly only got worse; because now Carlton’s grounded and has to be his dad’s caddy while Philip golfs. 

On the golf course, Carlton asked why Will wasn’t also being punished and he stated that Will’s grounding was put on hold since it’s his 17th birthday. In the middle of playing a friendly round of golf with a high ranking politician, Assemblyman Hernandez, Phil asked him if he could count on his endorsement and to his surprise he was hesitant. He told him he needs to get his family in line before he endorses him, mentioning his wife needed to be by his side on the campaign trail, his daughter can’t post thirst traps, and his son can’t get in trouble with the police. 

Aunt Viv was with Will waiting for someone to get off a private plane and it ended up being his mom, who was flown out to spend the weekend with him. When they got to the house, Vy was shocked at how big their house was, as she mentioned she hadn’t been back to see them in almost 20 years. Will brought her bags upstairs and Vy had a conversation with Viv about telling Will about his dad, and things got awkward fast as Viv was highly against it. 

Back at the influencer house, Kylo confronts Hillary about doing more “thirsty chef” videos and she lets him know that she wanted to hold off on doing any more of them since she told her parents it was just a one time thing. He warned her that her hype might die down if she doesn’t keep up with what her followers want. 

Everybody then met up at the house to spend time with Will and Vy, and things were going great until Vy and Viv started to argue, again, after Ashley asked why they don’t do big family gatherings anymore. They both explained that things came to a halt when their mom got really sick, and Vy seemingly was still upset that she was the only one who took care of her while she was perishing. 

Later on, Hillary talked to her parents about wanting to continue her “thirsty chef” posts after her conversation with Kylo, and Phil is livid that she’s chosen to continue down this path and not consider how it affects the rest of their family. She argued that she was making good business decisions and his campaign shouldn’t shame body positivity, but he wasn’t trying to hear it and stormed out. 

To add fuel to the fire, Viv talked to Phil privately and told him Hillary wasn’t the worst of their problems, revealing that Vy wants to tell Will about his father and Phil is even more adamant about Will not finding out about him. 

The next morning, Geoffrey confirmed with Phil that he set up a private meeting with Wilkes, Lisa’s dad, so they could talk politics. But Phil looked distressed so Geoffrey inquired about what was going on. He told him about Will’s dad potentially coming back into the picture and asked him to make sure that doesn’t happen. Later in the day, Geoffrey suggested that they take a different route with Will’s dad, and Phil shot the idea down and reminded Geoffrey that he worked for him and he’ll do what he asks even if he doesn’t agree…

Meanwhile, after breakfast, Will and Vy went all over the city from Beverly Hills, to the Santa Monica pier to celebrate his birthday just the two of them. Then, they went to lunch and Viv joined them but again, they couldn’t make it too long without starting to argue with one another. And Viv brought up Will’s dad in a comeback to Vy, which apparently was going too far because then they agreed to let it go and just have lunch.

Afterwards, Will asked his mom to be real with him about his dad and told her he wanted to know everything. She paused, then told him what seemed to be only half of the story about his dad always messing up and owing people money, and she would have to fix his mistakes. But added that she never wanted to talk bad about him to Will. He thanked her for what she shared and they headed back to the house for his birthday dinner.

She later approached Kylo, telling him that she came up with 4 new video ideas instead of the “thirsty chef” bit and he went in on her about how many times she’s quit something in her life, including college and anything else that hasn’t worked out for her. She threatened to leave the influencer house and he told she can go at any time but she’ll owe him a hefty fee and he’d own all the content she’s posted while there. She was shocked but admitted to not reading the contract before she signed it.

Phil met up with Wilkes and told him that only one of them should run since they were likely to split the Democratic vote and would both lose to the Republican candidate. He proposed that whoever was ahead in the polls after their debate, would be the candidate to move forward and the other person would bow out and give full support to the winner. Wilkes agreed and they shook hands. 

Back at the house, Will’s party started and the family and his close friends came together to celebrate. He introduced Vy to Lisa and she liked her a lot. But Uncle Phil was running late with the food so dinner was delayed and Will started to open his gifts. His mom gave him a photo of the two of them that he had never seen before from when he was first born, and they shared a beautiful moment. Then he asked who took the photo, and Viv stepped in before she could answer and told him to open her gift, which were signed Jordans. Everyone raved about the exclusive sneakers and Vy accused Viv of always wanting to out-do her, then things got heated! The two got into a screaming match, and Vy argued that she encouraged Viv to become an artist when they were younger and even paid for a majority of the things she needed, including helping her move to LA. Adding when she “made it,” she erased Vy from her life and was now trying to get Will to erase her too as she started to get emotional.

Vy walked outside and Viv went into her paint room to decompress. Carlton followed his mom and helped her realize that maybe she was too hard on Vy so she went outside to talk to her. Viv admitted to Vy that she was right about what she said and asked for her forgiveness. Vy said she was half to blame as well due to her life decisions, and they made up. She also let Viv know that she wasn’t going to tell Will everything about his father and they shared a passionate hug. 

Inside the house, Carlton confided in Will about not wanting to be like their moms and have a decade long beef. He admitted that when Will showed up it sent him into a spiral because everyone loved him and Carlton had to work hard to be perfect for everyone to be satisfied with him. They dapped each other up, but before Will could fully reconcile, he asked if Carlton was going to be cool with him dating Lisa now. Carlton said as long as Will doesn’t hurt her, and he promised he wouldn’t. 

Will went into Uncle Phil’s office, but found Geoffrey in there, and ended up asking him to do him a huge favor; look into his dad. Geoffrey told Will he’ll look into where his dad’s location is, and Will thanked him with a big smile on his face, but as he walked away, Geoffrey’s smile turned into a mischievous one and the episode came to a close.